Non-repayable loans


Car financing: loan with or without maxi installment 2016

Car financing: loan with or without maxi installment 2016

When it comes to financing, reference is made to loans that usually have to be repaid through the payment of installments, the amount of which is increased by the interest rate applied and by the additional expenses. Alongside this method, however, there are other options that do not provide for the repayment of the capital provided : these are the so-called non -repayable loans , of which we analyze the characteristics below.

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To whom the non-repayable loans are addressed

To whom the non-repayable loans are addressed

Non-repayable loans usually target certain segments of the population , with the aim of providing financial support to specific targets, to citizens who have not passed a certain age or to residents in a particular geographical area.

The purpose of this type of loan is to propose interventions to revitalize an economically depressed region or to provide concrete help to one of the groups described.

In this way, the applicants can receive concrete support to start a new job, for example to start up the economy of a rural area or to enter the labor market, without having to return the sums received, which may be small, medium or large depending on the announcement.

Who provides non-repayable loans?

Who provides non-repayable loans?

Non-repayable loans are usually provided by public institutions , especially those closer to the citizens, such as Municipalities and Regions, able to know in detail the needs of the territory, thus proposing economic initiatives to support specific categories.

However, some funding can also be provided by state bodies and the European Union . All these institutions can make available opportunities to stimulate local female entrepreneurship, to offer economic support to companies operating in the third sector or to help young people’s professional integration.

Information on these initiatives can be found on the institutional sites, at the Chambers of Commerce or by contacting the local informagiovani branches.

How to apply for a non-repayable loan

To request and receive a non-repayable funding necessary to meet the requirements under required by different calls, by providing timely all the necessary documents by the deadline. In some specific cases, it is necessary to join the association in order to access these funds, especially if you work in the cultural or non-profit sector.

Some funding made available by the European institutions, such as the European Union or the Council of Europe, provide for contributions for the implementation of cultural and social initiatives for young people: in order to receive the necessary amount (which must not then be returned), in this case it is necessary to present a detailed project and, in conclusion of the activities, it will be necessary to present a report of the expenses with the final evaluation . In fact, those who intend to apply for this type of financing must normally present a project on how they intend to use the contribution received: the idea will then be evaluated and, if approved, the capital can be received.

How to get a non-repayable loan?

In order to better manage non-repayable financing, you need to have good administrative and planning skills . Since a special project must be presented at the base of the payment of the sum, those with project management skills will benefit from the management of the fund received. It will be a further advantage to receive advice and support from those who already have experience with this type of initiatives.

Furthermore, it will be essential to keep constantly informed about the opportunities available, the deadlines of the calls, the conditions of participation and the requirements to be met.

Submitting project ideas to participate is not always easy and involves time and attention, so being able to access all this information with a fair advance compared to the deadline of the call will be useful to carry out quality projects without suffering excessive pressure.