The advantages of simulating the redemption of credits on simulation

To take advantage of budget relief, the purchase of loans or debt consolidation is an excellent solution. It allows debtors who have several outstanding loans to avoid the risk of excessive debt.

The operation of the redemption of credits

This procedure consists of collecting several loans in the form of one. As a result, the borrower no longer needs to pay different monthly payments. It has only one payment deadline to be paid monthly to a single bank. The amount of this new monthly payment is revised according to the level of his current income. It can be revised downward to allow the household to have more resources in hand and find a better purchasing power. But in return, the repayment period will be lengthened. Thanks to this method, the debtor sees his improved borrower profile. He can easily solicit new cash from the bank to finance his new projects. Other than this advantage, many people also decide to proceed with the restructuring of their debts to take advantage of the low rate suggested by the market today.

Why simulate its loan consolidation?

Why simulate its loan consolidation?

Do not think that all credit buybacks necessarily bring benefits. This technique generates ancillary costs and additional costs such as prepayment fees, file fees, guarantees and insurance. It is only interesting if the profits it produces are significantly higher than the expenses it causes. It is better to evaluate this profitability that it is wiser to first make a credit simulation buy on before deciding on anything.

The Debt Consolidation Simulator is available for free through It is a very easy tool to use. He is able to spontaneously calculate the debtor’s debt ratio and repayment capacity while analyzing the monthly payment, the rate, the repayment period and the overall cost of the credits collected. But for this, the heading needs to know certain information such as the amount of our outstanding credits and their respective monthly payments, the receivables to be repurchased and the amount of their maturities, the envisaged cash flow, the amount of the monthly income, our expenses, the market value of the real estate warranty, our contact information and the fact of being filed or not. This information is kept in the strictest of confidence. They will not be used for other purposes. In addition, the simulation does not engage us directly.