20-year-old man used as ‘money mute’ after signing up for ‘make easy money’ ad on social media – court


A YOUNG man who was used as a “mule” by others looking to launder money was incredibly naive and really didn’t think his bank account was being used for criminal purposes, a court ruled.

ian Murphy (20) saw an ad on social media and thought he could make some easy money.

He ended up being cut from his Revolut account, didn’t make any money, and had a lot of problems.

Judge Miriam Walsh ordered Murphy to donate € 1,000 to Blanchardstown Hospice and dismissed the charge.

The defendant, domiciled in Parlickstown Green in Mulhuddart, admitted to having authorized the use of his bank account to launder € 1,200 on May 29, 2020.

Sergeant Maria Callaghan told Blanchardstown District Court that the victim went to Ennis guardhouse to report a fraudulent transaction on her bank account.

Sergeant Callaghan said the woman allegedly received a text message from AIB regarding a recent transaction on her account, directing her to click on a link.

Sergeant Callaghan said the victim clicked on a link and, when she checked her bank account shortly after, found that € 1,200 had been taken from it.

It was discovered that the money had been transferred to a Revolut account belonging to the defendant.

The court heard that Murphy had never had any problems before.

Defense attorney Ciaran MacLoughlin said it was the type of offense where the person can only get caught because it was very clear which account the money was transferred to.

Mr MacLoughlin said that Murphy was used as a “mule, a stupid mule” and that it was a “crime of naivety”.

He said Murphy saw an ad on social media and believed he could make some money.

The attorney said Murphy “really didn’t believe it was for nefarious purposes.”

Sgt Callaghan said the bank reimbursed the victim and wrote off the money as bad debt.

Mr. MacLoughlin testified that Murphy worked as a warehouse agent. He asked the judge to leave him without a conviction, saying he was very young and naive and had learned a valuable lesson.

He said Murphy hoped to travel and a conviction would impact those plans.

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