39% plan to continue using dating apps while meeting people in real life: YF survey


Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman and Akiko Fujita reveal the results of Yahoo Finance’s latest Twitter poll.

Video transcript

ZACK GUZMAN: But to wrap up the show with today’s shots, I want to dig into a question that some of you said I co-opted for my own personal benefit – that’s not true. Very business here, Akiko. But we looked at the question of how people are going to come back to the dating scene, whether or not they are going to be looking at apps – or not – meeting people in real life. We asked, and you all answered there.

And it looks like there’s a healthy mix here, Akiko, when we take a look at it. Only about 20– what, call it 30% over there saying they’re going to stay on dating apps. And we talked about the growth of Bumble, Tinder and some of those others have seen in the pandemic. But that’s the question: whether or not people are going to stay on it while we get back to normal.

AKIKO FUJITA: Zack, you can count me in the camp that I think we just did this poll so you can strategize for your love life. But we’re going to put that aside. The reason we’re talking about it, obviously, is because it’s been such a big deal during the pandemic. We got figures from App Annie talking about consumers spending more than $ 3 billion on dating apps in 2020, up about 15% year over year.

And App Annie talks specifically about how the time people spend on these apps has really remained stable. So I would be curious to see how it goes. I think people want to meet in person. But I say, like everything, it’s probably going to be a hybrid approach – a little bit of time on the app, then more time to meet in person.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, I was in the middle camp. I voted in this poll – disclosure right there – in the midst of abandoning them camp. But I mean, it looks like investors have also shifted a bit when we saw Bumble drop around 16% year-to-date. He’s come back a bit in terms of losses, because he’s kind of associated with all these other tech names that have been hit hard.

But you are right. I mean, the question is, it’s not just American history, right? We talked globally, what it’s going to look like. Because we’re talking about reopening here in the US, but maybe not the case in a lot of these emerging markets that are still catching up with our vaccine status. So, as US-centric as my love life, Akiko may be, there is always international history to deal with here, which perhaps could continue to be used in those markets.

AKIKO FUJITA: Think people are going to stick with the FaceTime feature? I mean, that’s what interests me. It seemed like something a lot of users enjoyed during the pandemic, obviously, because they couldn’t go out and meet right away. I wonder if it’s a little … I don’t know … you use it? You think that–


AKIKO FUJITA: – are you going to stick to that?

ZACK GUZMAN: No, I’m leaving. I leave, completely out of the queue, completely out of order. Never again any of that. Never again. And, you know, the–

AKIKO FUJITA: Never say never.

ZACK GUZMAN: It was interesting – never say never. It was interesting to see this kind of optimization brought to the application. But they pushed so hard. It saves you time. We heard a lot of compliments from users when we interviewed these CEOs and the CEO of Hinge coming over to say people love it. Because it saves them time and avoids those awkward encounters when you get there and realize that nothing good is going to come out of it. And it saves you those hassle.

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