Alt Data turning point – Whistleblowers earn millions – AOC targets family offices


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Alternative data is no longer the Wild West

Wild West footage with a cowboy entering a saloon

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After a three-year investigation, the SEC settled with mobile app data provider App Annie and its former CEO for more than $ 10 million. The regulation is one of the first real crackdowns on the alternative data industry, and insiders say it marks a turning point for the field. Here’s why.

New Wall Street Millionaires Are Whistleblowers

4x3 whistleblower trials

Samantha Lee / Insider

The SEC just made payments of $ 110 million and $ 4 million to two Wall Street whistleblowers, bringing the agency’s monitoring payments to a total of $ 1 billion. But not all whistleblowers have hit it big – and some never see a single dollar. Here’s an overview of how the SEC’s oversight program works.

The IPO market has raised over $ 99 billion this year

Travis Boersma imitates hitting the ceremonial bell on the New York Stock Exchange.

Dutch brothers coffee

This week’s IPOs took the scorching market to an all-time high of $ 99 billion, even surpassing the $ 97 billion raised during the dot-com boom. Take a look inside the historic boom which just hit two new billionaires.

AOC wants new rules for family offices

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing her Met Gala "Tax the rich" dress in front of a backdrop with dollar bills.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images; Alan Schein Photography / Getty Images; Hayley Cuccinello / Insider

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York wants all family offices with more than $ 750 million in assets to register with the SEC, in a bid to better regulate the opaque industry. This is how the $ 6 trillion secret industry is trying to counter.

In the rise and fall of Occupy Wall Street

A man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask stands outside a Chase bank in Manhattan during the Occupy Wall Street protest.


Ten years after the Occupy Wall Street movement, which denounced wealth inequalities in America, it is still not easy to discern the impact it has had on the country’s wealth gap. On the 10th anniversary of the protesters’ takeover of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, we spoke with people on both sides of the battle to find out why it started, what it meant for those involved. , and whether or not they think it worked.

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