AppGallery Adds Revolut, The World’s Leading Financial SuperApp, To Its Offering To Provide More Financial Choice For Users

Revolutionizing accessible mobile banking

Huawei and Revolut are committed to delivering improved financial services to consumers and businesses. Revolut offers endless possibilities to consumers, seen through products such as cards, remittances and multi-currency accounts, as well as Revolut stays for travel accommodation bookings around the world, providing customers with up to 10% cashback or Junior accounts for children between 6 and 17 years old. Revolut supports retailers through Revolut Business, enabling small merchants to offer their customers an enhanced payment experience.

“We’re excited to bring a superapp with as many features as Revolut to our global AppGallery audience,” said Siri G. Børsum, global vice president of finance, vertical eco-development and partnerships, Business Consumer Group at Huawei. “Accessible financial platforms like Revolut align with our goal of providing more people around the world with access to the best choice of banking apps and services. “

Consumer safety is a priority at Revolut. Its award-winning anti-fraud and security systems are designed to protect personal money 24/7 when using the app through AppGallery. AppGallery has its own suite of security protocols to protect personal finances available to its partners.

Revolut has integrated with several of Huawei’s HMS core kits, such as Security Detection Kit, Awareness Kit, and Identity Kit. Revolut customers can take comfort in the secure data storage, privacy protection and robust defense of Huawei against potential security threats.

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About the AppGallery

AppGallery is a smart and innovative ecosystem that empowers developers to create unique experiences for consumers. One of the world’s top three app markets, AppGallery is available in over 170 countries and regions with over 560 million monthly active users worldwide.

Huawei has partnered with 5.1 million developers globally, with total downloads reaching 332.2 billion in the first 3 quarters of 2021. October 2021, more than 173,000 applications have integrated with HMS Core worldwide.

About Revolution

In 2015, Revolut was launched in the UK, offering money transfers and exchanges. Today, our customers around the world use dozens of innovative Revolut products to complete more than 100 million transactions per month.

Through our personal and business accounts, we help clients improve their financial health, give them more control, and seamlessly connect people across the world.

SOURCE AppGallery, Huawei

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