Attention SBI customers! The SMS requesting the PAN update is false

A fake SMS (short message service) has made the rounds asking customers of State Bank of India to update their Permanent Account Number (PAN) details with the bank. The viral message reads: “Dear customer, your SBI YONO account was closed today, contact us now and update your PAN number details.”

Warning customers against scams, the Press Information Office fact-checking team tweeted that a fake message was being issued in the name of SBI and asking customers to update their PAN number to avoid their account is blocked.

The Press Information Office has alerted people that they should never respond to such emails or text messages asking them to share their personal or bank details. Additionally, he said people can report such fake messages to

Earlier this month, SBI tweeted about threats of downloading unverified software or apps from untrusted sources. He pointed out that users unknowingly download questionable apps from unofficial sources, which can route them to dangerous malware capable of causing serious financial harm to customers.

Giving more details, SBI said its users should be aware of the Drinik malware, which targets Indian taxpayers as a whole by stealing personally identifiable information (PII) and banking credentials through phishing attacks. .

The Drinik malware has been around since 2016 and has gone through various updates. Initially, it worked as an SMS stealer, but now has banking Trojan features. Last year, CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) warned that the virus had affected users at 27 banks.

Cyble (via Bleeping Computers) analysts said the malware can now steal important personal information and banking credentials, and the updated version comes with features like screen recording, keylogging, which can break through security walls.

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