Aussies talk about social equality, gaming and finance on Twitter

Social media platform Twitter revealed the biggest trends and conversations in Australia.

These trends have been reviewed, analyzed and added to the Twitter Trends report.

“Conversations have never been more important to Australians. Twitter, as a driver of both real-world trends and change, has become a service that not only gives Australians a place to connect, but also a window into culture,” Twitter Australia said. and New Zealand chief executive Angus Keene.

The 2022 Twitter Trends The report analyzed billions of tweets from 2019 to 2021 and found the three biggest moves floating at the top of the conversation. From finance and gaming to social inequality, the conversation on Twitter reveals where the world is headed.

Here are some important points:

Voices Fueling Change: Listening and Learning from Everyone
Australians are increasingly talking about how we can create an equal Australia for all. Today we see the growing community of voices speaking openly about social issues and reaching out to marginalized communities. These conversations have intensified more recently, become more nuanced, and the intersectionality of the issues has come to the fore.

Key statistics:
Twitter saw a 58% increase in LGBTQIA+ conversations and content. Twitter also saw a 39% increase in conversations around First Nations. Many of these conversations are focused on increasing information. This includes societal/community issues, politics or crowdfunding/supporting individuals.

There is also a strong and growing community of advocates with a collective vision to create a safer world for women, and who express the need for structural change to achieve gender equality (+23%).

Emerging trend: Conversations around identity are becoming increasingly nuanced, with Australians seeking to understand how the intersections of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and other facets of identity impact about people’s experiences and perspectives.

Next-level play: Communities are game-changers
Gaming conversations have found a niche on Twitter. It’s where gamers, esports leagues, publishers, media, streamers, fans and commentators come to connect and talk about all the latest in gaming.

As Australia improves its games industry – from hosting major expos, like PAX and Aust, to introducing a game development workers union – the conversations about games will only continue to grow on the platform.

Key statistics:
Gaming conversations are up 93% year-over-year.

High volumes of conversations in gaming communities on Twitter focus on the metaverse (+8,181%) and augmented reality (+12%). These conversations extend to metaverse technologies, including avatars, NFTs, and virtual reality.

Emerging Trend: With the emergence of cryptocurrencies and money-making games, the possibilities of decentralized gaming will be a growing topic of conversation among content creators and others in the gaming industry. includes conversations around TreeVerse, crypto games and cloud games.

Speaking of Money: Conversations Worth Investing In
Money matters were once well-kept secrets of the few. But these days, a new audience is getting in on the financial action and having fun. Communities of experts and everyday people join forces, freely sharing their finance and investment knowledge for all to see.

Conversations about money have evolved, with more and more people having access to information and tapping into decentralized finance (hello, cryptocurrencies!).

Key statistics:
DeFi conversations are wide and growing on digital currency (+101%), blockchain (+108%) and Bitcoin (+172%).

Emerging Trend: Twitter has seen an increase in conversations around lesser-known crypto exchanges such as Bitpay, Bistamp, and Dash. And with growing concerns about the security and environmental impact of digital assets, the debate between hot wallet and cold storage is sure to gain traction.

This first appeared in the CommsWire subscription newsletter on July 15, 2022.

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