Banking Giant Launches VC for Crypto Investments, Paying Taxes with Crypto in the US, EOS Independence and More News

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Investment News

  • nomura, one of Japan’s largest investment banks, is launching a new venture capital unit to invest in the crypto space. He named his new digital asset company digital laser and set up the holding company, Laser Digital Holdings S.A. in Swiss, said the press release. The first product launched will be Laser venture capitalwhich will invest in companies in the digital ecosystem, focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi), centralized finance (CeFi), web3 and blockchain infrastructure.
  • C Companiesa venture capital firm created by Hong Kong real estate mogul and billionaire Adrian Cheng, aims to raise a $200 million fund to invest in the crypto space, according at Bloomberg. It plans to invest in blockchain assets, credit, and private equity over the next 18 months as private company and digital asset betting prices bottom out.
  • Headquartera financial dashboard for web3 teams to manage their financial operations and reporting, announced it secured $5 million in a pre-seed round co-led by Capital, Forging companiesand Mass Mutual Venturesas well as Web3 funds including Capital Season, Coinhako, Longhash Ventures, Ocular, Capital Sky9and DWF Laboratories. The company plans to change the very manual way Web3 teams manage their finances, an announcement said.
  • British bitcoin trading desk CornerCorner has partnered with Seed groupa company owned by the family office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. By Following the announcement, Seed Group will help CoinCorner expand its operations in the emirates and across the Middle East, while the fintech company will focus on creating a user-friendly platform for UAE residents to buy, sell, send, receive, and store bitcoin (BTC), in addition to providing local businesses with solutions to manage crypto.
  • Digital asset and blockchain technology company Metallic unveiled its Metal Pay API, a fully customizable and compliant solution that enables any consumer-facing financial service or business to respond to their customers’ interest in crypto-assets, said the announcement. The application programming interface (API) is an extension of Metal Pay’s established infrastructure that will allow partners to complement their core product offerings to generate new growth opportunities and competitive advantage, they said. .

Adoption News

  • Colorado, USA, residents can now pay state taxes with crypto-assets, Axios reported. Personal income tax, business income tax, sales and use tax, withholding tax, layoff tax and fuel excise tax are eligible, a he declared.

Blockchain news

  • The Foundation of the EOS network (ENF) today announcement the release of the Antelope Leap 3.1 consensus update and its “independence“The team declared that the servers update the network links with and Bullish.

Regulatory News

  • Indonesian Regulators Introduce New Rule Requiring Domestic Crypto Exchanges To Be Primarily Run By Its Citizens, Bloomberg reported. At least two-thirds of the administrators and commissioners of crypto exchanges must be Indonesians residing in the country, officials from the Ministry of Commerce and the commodity futures trading regulatory agency said in a briefing on Tuesday. parliamentary hearing in Jakarta.


  • The Central Bank of Iran will launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot project on Thursday, according in the country Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture. The design goal of the crypto-rial is to turn banknotes into a programmable entity, he added.

Exchange news

  • Coinbase announcement today that Coinbase Cloud launched a web3 developer platform, offering developers “a free and instant blockchain API [application programming interface] access with Node by Coinbase Cloud.” Node, formerly known as Query & Transact, has been providing dedicated, paid nodes to enterprises for read/write access to over 25 blockchains since 2020, he added.
  • Binance and FTX lead bid to acquire assets of struggling crypto lender digital travel, by the Wall Street Journal. Both have bids close to $50 million, while Binance’s is slightly higher of the two, he said.
  • bitget announcement exclusive bonuses, including a $300,000 prize pool and a BGB 1 million reward pool, to complement its recent launch of Zero Fee trading in spot markets.

Legal news

  • Stable Coins Issuer Attached has been order by a U.S. judge to produce financial documents relating to the USDT collateral, including “ledgers, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and profit and loss statements.” The company must also share details about its accounts during exchanges BitfinexComment, Poloniexand Bittrex. “The documents sought by the plaintiffs are undoubtedly important, as they relate to USDT support,” the judge wrote.
  • During bankruptcy proceedings in Canada, assets worth $2 million, including five luxury cars, were seized from 23-year-old Aiden Pleterski, the self-proclaimed ‘king of crypto’, the CBC reported. That’s still a far cry from what his investors say are owed to them, with creditors saying at least $35 million has been provided to Pleterski and his company. AP Private Equity Limited for crypto and currency investments. About 140 investors who handed over a collective $20 million responded to a call for information from an anti-fraud law firm investigating Pleterski, he added.

Payments News

  • London-based fintech Revolution announced that it has expanded its crypto offering to launch 29 new tokens for US users, through a new partnership with Apex Cryptoa subsidiary of Apex Fintech Solutions Inc. under the Apex Digital Assets activity area. Customers can now buy and sell a total of 36 cryptocurrencies directly in the Revolut app using available fiat currency.
  • payroll specialist deel announcement that its users can now link their accounts to Coinbase to get their salary in crypto. Coinbase has a feature that automatically converts your paycheck to crypto, which can be turned on and off at any time. Users can also deposit as little or as much of their salary as they want, he said.
  • AgriDex, an end-to-end supply chain platform and marketplace for the global food and agriculture industry, announced the launch of Fiat-on-Chain (FoC) payment technology. From September 23, FoC will be available for purchase on the AgriDex website in three currencies: GBP, EUR and USD. First announced in August, FoC says it has already earned more than $1 billion in interest on deposits and transactions.

Charity News

  • The foundation of Princess Charlene of Monaco has launched for the first time a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) to raise funds for the ‘feed2getherinitiative to feed hungry children in South Africa. According to an announcement, feed2gether is a program developed with the aim of helping children between the ages of 3 and 5. With the auction of this NFT collection, the foundation and feed2gether aim to raise $3 million. The NFT in fifteen pieces collection features paintings of countless children, each with a watermark of Princess Charlene’s face.

DeFi News

  • Navigate, the community platform where users contribute data and power the creation of decentralized applications (dapps), opened its first Data Vault on the Navigate platform. The vault allows drone users to upload their data and receive rewards in the form of Navigate’s native utility token, NVG8. This data will feed the platform’s initial application, Navigate Maps. Additional data vaults will be launched by Navigate in the coming months to allow users to download other forms of data sets, according to an announcement.

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