BEWARE: GOP lawmakers will take credit that isn’t due

Republican lawmakers have long taken credit for the accomplishments of President Biden and the Democrats. Now that President Biden has signed into law the Cut Inflation Act, we can expect Republicans in Congress to try to take credit for it as well, even though they unanimously oppose it. .

How do we know? Because key provisions of this landmark legislation are incredibly popular with the American people.

And this is nothing new. GOP lawmakers had repeatedly spoken out against critical US bailout funding that helped American families recover from the pandemic, but then turned around and tried to take credit for themselves.

Associated Press: ‘Republicans promote pandemic relief they voted against’

Fortune: “Ron DeSantis is convinced that the Biden stimulus caused the inflation. His solution: Use the Biden stimulus to send inflation relief checks to Floridians.

Rolling Stone: ‘DeSantis brags about Florida budget that includes billions in federal funds he opposed’

New York Times: “Governor. Kristi Noem, Republican of South Dakota, blamed President Biden’s economic policies for rising prices, mocked the ‘giant handout’ of federal stimulus funds and suggested that she had considered turning down the money due to ideological objections.But like many Republican officials, Ms. Noem struggled to say no to her state’s share of pandemic relief aid from 1, $9 trillion that Democrats passed on in March Ms. Noem explained to fellow lawmakers how critical those federal funds are for South Dakota and how she would use some of the roughly $1 billion earmarked for her state to invest in local water projects, make housing more affordable and build new child care centers.”

With the US bailout and the Inflation Reduction Act, the American people know they have President Biden and the Democrats to thank for keeping his promises — and not a single Republican in Congress.

New York Times: “Republican leaders across the country have engaged in an equally awkward dance over the past few months as they accept — and often defend — the $350 billion money from State and local aid included in stimulus bill, which passed Congress without a single Republican vote.”

Republicans can’t run away from their case. They show time and time again that they will side with special interests and wealthy corporations at the expense of the American people. Americans deserve lawmakers who will fight for them. Americans know not to support this extreme and dangerous MAGA program.

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