Cameyo Named Chrome Enterprise Recommended Partner by Google

Cameyo and Chrome OS provide ultra-secure digital workspaces so organizations can enable productivity from anywhere while protecting their networks and data

CARY, North Carolina, February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Cameyo, the virtual application delivery (VAD) platform that enables ultra-secure remote and hybrid working from any device without Windows workstations or VPNs, has announced today that it has been named one of only three solutions recommended by Chrome Enterprise worldwide for virtualization. As today’s distributed workforce relies more on the cloud than ever before, Chrome OS and Cameyo enable businesses to give their employees seamless access to everything they need to be productive without the cost, complexity and security issues of traditional Windows desktops.

“Microsoft Windows is just an app. Hybrid and remote working have highlighted the complexity of delivering legacy desktops and revealed the value of alternative device, app, data, and service strategies. safety,” said Marc Bowker, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Cameyo helps businesses with Chrome OS remove barriers to accessing Windows apps and enables businesses to securely access all the mission-critical apps they need in a cloud desktop. Cameyo being certified as a partner Chrome Enterprise Recommended establishes Chrome OS and Cameyo as a strong joint solution for organizations that want to deliver secure cloud desktops without the burden of managing Windows desktops.”

Benefits for companies and their users

Zero Trust Security
Today’s distributed and hybrid workforce demands the ability to be productive from anywhere and on any device. But with 68.5% of organizations hit by ransomware in 2021 (Statista), and with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) serving as the primary attack vector for 50% of those attacks (Palo Alto Networks), the need to tighten security for remote and hybrid working is greater than ever.

Like Chrome OS, Cameyo was specifically designed to secure the digital workplace. Cameyo’s cloud-native Zero Trust security model includes several Cameyo-specific innovations that reduce the attack surface for remote and hybrid working, including:

Cameyo automatically ensures that all HTTP, HTTPS and RDP server ports are closed with its PortShield technology
Cameyo does not require on-premises customers to open their firewall to incoming Internet traffic, thanks to its Secure Cloud Tunneling technology
Cameyo eliminates the need for VPNs with its NoVPN technology

Better user experience
While security is built into the core of Cameyo and Chrome OS, businesses also benefit from an unparalleled user experience for their employees. Users get a seamless cloud desktop where they access all the apps and data they need to be productive, and when they select an app, it runs the full desktop version of the app directly from the browser, eliminating thus the need to have applications installed locally. There’s nothing new for users to learn, and they can access all of their apps — even legacy Windows apps — from any device, including Chromebooks.

Ultimate flexibility
Organizations want to provide their employees with secure cloud desktops, but it makes no sense to migrate the problems of traditional Windows desktops to the cloud. Cameyo and Chrome OS offer organizations a simple, secure, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to giving their employees access to everything they need to be productive from anywhere in a seamless digital workspace, while avoiding dependence on suppliers.

Cameyo and Chrome OS also work wherever organizations work today and wherever they want to work in the future. They can use Cameyo as a fully hosted service in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or self-host Cameyo in any cloud, hybrid or on-premises environment. Cameyo also enables organizations to leverage their existing SSO, cloud storage, permissions, and other technology investments and preferences.

What Cameyo + Chrome OS users are saying

fortune 500
“Cameyo’s platform plays a critical role in executing our Digital Workplace strategy by removing legacy application barriers that were preventing widespread adoption of Chrome OS here at Sanmina,” said Mario Zúñiga, CIO, Digital Workplace, Sanmina Corporation. “Now our employees can access their critical applications directly from the browser with Cameyo, including our ERP which is not directly compatible with Chrome OS devices. Cameyo’s solution is an ideal blend of simplicity, seamless user experience and advanced security.

Health care
“The sleek simplicity of the Cameyo platform blows away the competition. Cameyo flips the idea of ​​VDI. Where other products continue to grow in size and complexity, Cameyo has grown in innovation and simplicity,” said Brian Stopinskydirector of corporate IT operations at Community Hospital Corp. “With the low cost of deployment as well as the low cost of resources, Cameyo has made the reality of VDI accessible to customers who could not afford it before. Cameyo cloud desktop on Chromebook is bar none the easiest way, safest and most cost-effective way to deliver applications to users.”

“When we started our journey to Chrome OS, we quickly realized that in order for more people to use Chrome OS devices, we needed a way to deliver all of our legacy Windows apps, like our ERP system and some desktop apps. engineering, to these devices from the browser,” said Jeremy VenletNetwork Engineer, Royal technologies. “Cameyo provides us with secure cloud offices where every user can securely access all of their applications from any device. Not only is Cameyo easy for our employees to use while strengthening our security, but it is also so well integrated to Chrome Enterprise it seems like a natural extension of Google’s solution portfolio.”

“As a Google Workspaces customer, we appreciate Cameyo’s integration with Google. We don’t have to configure anything: everyone simply logs in with their Google account information, and they have instant access to all their apps. Since we already had all of our staff in user groups, Cameyo automatically imported all of this. There was no extra work we needed to do. Plus, we didn’t want employees to save files locally. on their Chromebooks. Cameyo has made it easy to set up so that all work is automatically saved to each user’s Google Drive,” said Emir SaffarCIO at Ur&Penn.

“We were very excited to move to Chromebooks and experience the security and manageability that Chrome OS and Google Workspace are known for, but we also have Windows apps that we rely on to manage our business, so we couldn’t make the switch to Chromebooks without enabling access to those apps,” said Adam Nerel, IT Manager at Klarahill. “Just looking at the monthly cost compared to our previous remote desktop solution, with Cameyo and Chrome OS, we’re only paying 15% of what we were paying before. But on top of that 85% savings, we’re not We don’t have to pay either We don’t need Windows clients anymore, so we save even more money, plus we have far fewer support issues, which translates to a vastly improved user experience.

“Cameyo has been instrumental in our transition to Chrome Enterprise. Without the ability to provide access to our Windows ERP software on Chrome OS devices, we simply could not have made the transition,” said Christian Ahlin, IT group leader at Nordward. “With Cameyo and Chrome OS, our employees can access the same desktop version of the software they are used to without learning anything new, so it’s a seamless user experience.”

Chrome Enterprise recommended
Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions verified to meet technical and support standards for Chrome OS. To become a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Partner, Cameyo worked extensively with Google to extend the functionality, quality, security, and end-user experience of its solution. This helps organizations simplify the change management process and shorten the test cycle for the cloud by selecting a solution that has already been verified by Google.

About Cameyo
Cameyo is the secure virtual application delivery (VAD) platform for any digital workspace. Cameyo provides a secure, simple, flexible, and cost-effective cloud desktop solution to deliver all your applications – legacy Windows, internal web, and SaaS – to any device from the browser without the need for virtual desktops or legacy VPNs. By enabling organizations to provide their employees with secure access to the mission-critical applications they need to stay productive from anywhere, Cameyo helps keep work running remotely and hybridized. Cameyo is a Chrome Enterprise recommended solution, and hundreds of businesses and organizations across all industries use Cameyo to deliver mission-critical applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. From February 2021, Cameyo has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +83 with zero detractors – 100% of responding customers would recommend Cameyo to their peers. For more information, visit

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