Cashback 2022, opportunities to seize on the fly: consumer requests accepted

Cashback 2022, opportunities to seize on the fly: consumer requests accepted. Doing these moves you can’t go wrong

When the Conte government launched the reimbursement program with the State cash back and Super Cashback, the principle was clear. Encourage traceable payments, starting with those with credit card.

2022 Cash Back (ANSA)

So there are a lot more than in the past, I Italian consumers who use credit cards for their purchases. But the good news for everyone is that today it is even more practical, because even credit institutions have understood the importance of cashback. And for that the advantages are concrete. Let’s see what are the best cashback offers 2022 now and for the next few months.

Let’s start with American Express blue, a product of American Express. It allows you to get up to 1% maximum cashback on your purchases and is free for the first 12 months. Instead, it will cost you 35 euros per year from the following twelve months. This card offers a refund program for purchases and a personalized credit line of up to 5,000 euros.

From the MasterCard circuit we draw the card instead Metal Revolution. Again, up to 1% cashback can be earned in any currency, including cryptocurrencies. The card allows you to set aside your savings using a deposit piggy bank, with interest to be discovered. And then the client will be able to spend, change and transfer unlimited amounts, following the interbank exchange rate.

Cashback 2022, opportunities to seize on the fly: card characteristics

Rather it is called Big Cashback 10% BBVA the card associated with the BBVA online current account (Spanish giant recently landed in Italy). In the first month, it offers 10% cashback up to a maximum of 50 euros. It allows you to open an online current account free of charge to send free instant bank transfers throughout the SEPA zone and make free cash withdrawals, from 100 euros, in any ATM in Italy and in euro area countries.


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Finally, the Hype Account Card which offers cashback on purchases valid both for those made online and for physical purchases, made in person. There are three different types of accounts with associated payment cards: Start, free of charge, allows you to manage your savings quickly and easily. Next is activated at €2.90 per month and Premium, the richest formula, at €9.90 per month.

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