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The population of the Commonwealth of Virginia increased from 630,369 to 8,631,393, with the largest number of residents in the counties of Northern Virginia.

Not all counties in Virginia have seen growth, especially in southwestern Virginia. Wise County lost the most residents numerically with -5,322. However, Buchanan County lost the most in percentage terms, losing nearly 16% of its population over the past decade. Lee County comes close behind, losing 13% of its population between 2010 and 2020. Montgomery, Floyd, Roanoke, Botetourt, Rockbridge and Bedford counties have all gained residents in Southwest Virginia, the growth of 6% of Bedford being the highest. Montgomery, along with Virginia Tech, came in second with 5.6% growth. The majority of Southside Virginia, especially the counties that border North Carolina, have also lost residents.

In addition to electoral districts, census numbers are used to plan schools, public safety and infrastructure and are used by the federal government to allocate federal funding for schools, Head Start and mental health services, not to mention of the two recent sections of the federal government. stimulus fund to mitigate the effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Census data provides a snapshot of what the population was in April 2020.

The United States has grown at the slowest pace since the Great Depression, according to the US Census Bureau. The total 7.4% increase in the U.S. population – to 331.4 million – is smaller than the 9.7% increase in the previous decade. The country has grown to 22.7 million citizens since 2010.


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