Cloud Native Platform Five Sigma Partners with Qover to Evolve Superior Claims Experience Internally


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  • Qover implements a strong internal technology-based complaints management structure with Five Sigma’s end-to-end complaints handling workflow for fast and efficient complaint handling, enabling an enhanced digital experience for its partners and end customers .

Qover Partners with Cloud Native Platform Five Sigma to Evolve a Superior Claims Experience

Five Sigma today announced a new strategic partnership designed to increase the speed and quality of claims handling with Qover, a leading insurance company that provides innovative integrated insurance solutions globally.

“In Qover, We strive to provide seamless digital experiences to our partners and their customers, and complaints management is key to achieving this goal. After a comprehensive assessment ranging from low code build to purchase options, we selected Five Sigma as their The capabilities of the CMS fully complement and enhance Qover’s innovative integrated insurance solutions ” mentionned Quentin Colmant, CEO and co-founder of Qover.

Qover’s insurance solutions are available in real time via open or white label APIs that can be easily and quickly integrated with any digital platform seeking to integrate insurance into its strategy. Five Sigma’s unique capabilities with fast configurable digital claim workflows enable a high degree of automation throughout the first notice of loss (FNOL) through the claims resolution process. The complaints platform also offers modern communication tools which make it possible to send emails, texts, phone calls and live videos with end customers.

Qover is the pioneer of the integrated insurance vertical for fast growing businesses in the B2B2C and B2C space where engaging with clients and customers proactively through digital channels is the key to success. We are delighted to partner with Qover to strengthen its value proposition and support its ambitious growth plans ” said Oded Barak, CEO of Five Sigma

Qover plans to start handling complaints through Europe on Five Sigma CMS in a short 8-10 week time frame that will lay the groundwork to rapidly scale its claims organization internally and through third parties with unified workflows and data integration capabilities

About Qover

  • Living in 32 European countries
  • 1M people covered
  • 95% satisfaction rate

As an international pioneer in the insurance industry, Qover designs, builds and distributes innovative digital insurance solutions to help rapidly growing businesses around the world. Its insurance solutions are available in real time via APIs or white label which can be easily and quickly integrated into the digital platforms of its partners. Qover’s long-standing partners include renowned companies such as Deliveroo, Revolut, Wolt, Decathlon, Cowboy, Immoweb and many more. For more information visit

About Five Sigma
Five Sigma CMS is a data-driven, cloud-native claims management platform with integrated AI / ML capabilities that is at the forefront of claims resolution for the insurance industry.

Five Sigma CMS is available as an end-to-end claims management platform or in modules for specific business functions with the goal of improving claims accuracy, improving policyholder experience, compliance and operational productivity and making claims data readily available within the insurer’s ecosystem for AI / ML, risk selection and other purposes. We work directly with our clients to align the capabilities of the Five Sigma CMS with their specific initiatives, accelerate time to market with desired business results. For more information visit

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Tushar Bholé
Vice President and Head of Sales

Contact Qover:

Marine D’Hollander
Marketing & PR Manager

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