“Conversations represent the new digital showcase for businesses” – 50 quotes on digital transformation



Launched in 2014, HistoryCocks is a weekly column of YourStory, with notable quotes in our articles from last week. This special series of quotes focuses on the growing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 50 gems and ideas with your colleagues and networks, and come back to the original articles for more information.

If the industrial revolution solved the problem of speed, the digital revolution solved the problem of distance. – Shamik Banerjee, Apollo 24 | 7

Successful virtual leaders have the knowledge, skills and mindset to lead multicultural virtual teams. – Theresa Sigillito Hollema, “Virtual teams across cultures”

As users become tech-centric, engineers these days are not only expected to code, but also to empathize with their users to create the right code. – Manisha Raisinghani, LogiNext

The cloud makes gaming devices independent and much more on demand. It guarantees a gaming ecosystem where the player’s skills purely define the game without impediments to the capabilities of the device and software. – Gagandeep Mahajan, Affine

Over the next decade, we’ll see many more women in digital businesses in traditional industries where they have an edge. – Ratna Mehta, Wadhwani Foundation

With the right training and digital resources, small businesses run by women can create a positive economic footprint for themselves as well as their communities. – Ajit Mohan, Facebook India

The digital revolution, especially in local news, creates exciting new opportunities to serve communities. – Merrill Brown, The News Project

The management of closed communities – residential and commercial – is dominated by fragmented, disaggregated, untechnology-savvy and non-professional service providers. – Sanket Nerkar, Inspacco

Today, the preference is growing for video decks, which are crisp. There is a lack of time and long emails and decks do not convey anything. – Shashank Tyagi, GoToPitch

With global crypto assets worth a total of $ 2 trillion, global crypto adoption is far from slowing. – Nischal Shetty, WazirX

A large number of people are accessing formal credit for the first time in their lives – younger people, people in their first job, people working in the unorganized sector. – Lizzie Chapman, ZestMoney

As open banking offers insight into the agile utility that consumers and businesses can benefit from, India is on the brink of a financial revolution. – Arvind Ronta, Visa

Open banking or open finance will be a big problem in the future and will not only boost digital banking, but also give neobanks more capacity. – Samer Soliman, Arab Financial Services

Neo-banking is the fastest growing vertical in the financial technology segment. – Ankur Mittal, Inflection Point Ventures

The Indian banking industry often views credit cards as a loan product rather than a high frequency payment instrument. – Rajan Bajaj, slice

Influencers who have appealed to the tech-savvy younger generation by raising awareness through social media are playing a pivotal role in the rise of veganism. – Siddharth Kothari, Om Kothari Group

The healthcare industry produces huge amounts of data, and it is extremely difficult to bring that data together, convert it into meaningful information, and bring that information to the point of care. – Amit Phadnis, GE Healthcare

Traditional fitness formats can get dull and not challenge or inspire people enough to really build a long-term fitness habit. – Anurag Mundhada, insane AI

Due to the short duration of harvests, market gardeners need a precise implementation plan supported by the availability of resources and knowledge. – Sanjay Borkar, FarmERP

The implementation of the technology in agriculture reduces maintenance costs and also improves crop income. – Ashwin Kumar, Vibez Estates

There is a growing demand for automated quality control solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of manufacturing. – Sekar Udayamurthy, Jidoka Technologies

What we see on social media, recommended movies on Netflix, or suggested products when we buy from Amazon is what we need to embrace in our daily knowledge management practices to make knowledge services simpler and streamlined. . – Patricia Mweene Lumba and Janice Scheckter

It is the need of the hour to enable individuals to develop a deeper understanding of their consumption. – Pallavi Srivastava, Ourbetterplanet

The biggest challenge in the edtech space is to keep the cost of acquiring new customers low. – Ashish Gupta, Bambinos

Edtech companies actually help make people employable. – Gaurav Perti, Violet Guardian

The availability of a good music teacher in your neighborhood remains a big problem. – Lakshminarayana Yeluri, Muzigal

The time for B2B commerce disruption in traditional sectors of the economy was long overdue and has come. To meet the challenges of scale and uniqueness of B2B, one must be armed with teams, knowledge, technology and an ability to solve credit needs. – Asish Mohapatra, business

Employability is a very big challenge among level II, level III and rural youth in India. This, however, presents a major opportunity. – Pradeep Jai Singh, IAN

For many kirana the stores aren’t run by a bigger conglomerate, they don’t have the funds to have a full-stack system, which is usually quite expensive. – Ajay Nain, Gully Network

People in Level III and Level IV cities are losing so much due to a lack of digital tools and knowledge on how to use them to further improve their local economy. – Medarisha Lyngdoh, eSamudaay

Multinationals provide branding services to larger clients, and their one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for MSMEs. – Ashish Shinde, Empire Media

Investment in CRE has mainly remained off-limits to most sections of the investor community in India. – Srini Sriniwasan, Kotak Investment Advisors

India is uniquely positioned to capitalize and propel the SaaS revolution to even greater heights. – Pari Natarajan, Zinnov

Unlike other mature large-scale markets, data centers in India require a proactive approach to development and a streamlined delivery process. – Dave Newitt, Yondr Group

The auto repair industry urgently needed a technology player to deal with the lack of trust and the high cost of repairs and services. – Vivek Sharma, Fixcraft

Decentralized and personalized [cold storage] the solutions, keeping local needs in mind, are ideal for a large and diverse country like ours with different climatic zones. – Sujit Kumar Gopinathan, CInI

[The US gamer] audiences have grown up playing on desktops and consoles, and they understand that games aren’t free. So they’re willing to pay for content. In India, however, people think mobile games should be free. – Pradeep Gupta, Gamesberry Labs

The designer economy is at an inflection point globally and in market segments like India. – Vaibhav Domkundwar, best capital

The whole trend to do something creative has taken off. If we had 50 million creators in 2019, the number is expected to increase to 500 million by 2025, with people using the internet to make money. – Vipul Agarwal, Unluclass

Historically, we have been a conservative market where profitability is a must for three to five years to go public. Many of these standards have been relaxed by SEBI. – Devang Mehta, Anthill Ventures

The opportunity to bring small businesses online is the next big wave in e-commerce. – Nakul Kumar, Cashify

[Small businesses] can only thrive by going digital while continuing to build closer relationships with their customers and provide them with personalized service. – Pradeep Dodle, Wasabi

Due to the multiple use cases and features, the smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life and a necessity. – Prachir Singh, Counterpoint

Technology allows marketing teams to move from a siled mode of operation to a more unified mode of operation. – Neel Pandya, Pyxis One

As the internet becomes more globalized and data hungry, delivering images and videos in a high performance, low latency environment is fundamental for all websites to gain the trust of customers. – Divyesh Patel, Gumlet

Fast commerce is emerging as one of the fastest growing e-commerce models, fulfilling the need for faster delivery among customers looking for convenience. – Mukesh Kumar, red light

Treating people and relationships like “media” has massive ramifications. It turned social media into digital malls. – Neeraj Arora, HalloApp

As we move towards web 2.0, the future of the interface is going to be augmented reality. – Shourya Agarwal, Flam

Deep personalization is the future of customer engagement. – Anand Virani, CCT

Conversations are the new digital showcase for businesses – virtually every business will need to create them. – Beerud Sheth, Gupshup

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