County Still Decides How To Spend $ 38.1 Million In ARPA Funds | Local News


He said the county should look at the ARPA categories where there is the greatest need in order to make a decision on what to spend the money on.


In August, the county approved the Essential Employee Compensation Program, a salary increase for some employees for whom money has already been allocated.

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Money is further put into the operational part of the county budget “so that we don’t face a cliff at the end of 2024 or 2025 when ARPA money has to be spent,” said the director of the county. Jonathan Delagrave County; all ARPA money must be allocated by the end of 2024, by Congress. “I want to be sensitive to this process and be as collaborative and as open and transparent as possible with this money. Certainly (we) don’t want it to be “the county executive” or “Jonathan Delagrave’s wish list”, and I certainly want this process to be collaborative. “

“We don’t want to spend a dime,” Delagrave continued. “It is important that we have a chance to transform our community. We once have the chance to do great things.

ARPA dollars should help the county overcome budget gaps caused by the pandemic and invest in the long-term health of citizens while tackling problems caused by COVID-19, Delagrave said in his budget speech October 5.

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