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State Democrats have warned of uncertainty surrounding Republicans’ plans to spend $ 10 billion in surplus revenue and federal stimulus money in the event of the coronavirus pandemic.

State Senator Vincent Hughes from District D-7 said he was “extremely” wasting the opportunity for Republican-controlled Congress to spend money to tackle long-term problems ahead of the budget. state, which expires at the end of the month. I’m afraid of it. “A systematic problem, many of which affect African Americans in imbalance.

Hughes and Joanna McClinton, D-191, secretary of the House of Representatives, said Republicans were hiding their spending plans from Democrats.

“I think the silence of our Republicans is deafening… I don’t know what they’re going to announce,” Hughes said in a meeting with the editorial board of the Philadelphia Tribune last week. Said.

Jason Gottsman, House of Representatives spokesman Kerry Benninghoff, said in an email Monday that the Republican plan “will be reflected in the budget we generate.”

“We are currently advancing federal guidelines on how to use the funds, taking into account the Wolf administration’s long-running deficit spending that needs to be addressed with this budget and confirming that it is accountable to the taxpayers. By not raising taxes, we made a budget proposal that we made, ”Gottesman said.

The state is also receiving $ 7.3 billion in federal support for past pandemics this year and is to be used to cover lost revenue from COVID-19 or to cover new costs related to the pandemic. Pennsylvania Capital Star report.

Negotiations continue between Democrats and Republicans in the state.

State lawmakers are expected to pass the balanced budget by the end of the month. The new fiscal year begins on July 1. Federal funds will be available over the next few years.

Hughes and Clinton said the Democratic Party plans to spend surplus money and federal pandemic stimulus on small businesses, public infrastructure and labor development.

Hughes said the state’s excess revenue, combined with federal pandemic funding, was the largest inflow of capital into the economy since President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mr. Clinton said he expects the state to generate high revenues “for now.”

“We’re having a better day because the federal government literally prints the money and distributes it here in Philadelphia as well as our state,” Clinton said. (Philadelphia receives a total of $ 1.4 billion as federal pandemic stimulus.)

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has been suggested A $ 37.8 billion spending plan for February, including an income tax hike.

Hughes didn’t think a tax hike was necessary for excess revenue. However, Hughes and Clinton declined to ask if they would support Wolf’s tax hike.

“I can’t make such a promise on this phone,” Clinton said. “too fast.”

The state’s finances became healthy a year after the state legislature split the budget in May 2020, as an economic impact from the pandemic is expected to lead to a budget deficit.

In November, Congress adopted a spending plan for the remainder of the fiscal year, closing the deficit with $ 3.3 billion in federal stimulus funds for pandemic and other sources. Associated Press..

Democratic state legislature “fear of death”, Republican surplus of $ 10 billion, wasting federal stimulus | Local News

Democratic state legislature “fear of death”, Republican surplus of $ 10 billion, wasting federal stimulus | Local News


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