Essex bus company blocks Monzo and other banks over issues

An Essex bus company has blocked some banks on its cash machines amid ongoing issues with contactless ‘non-payments’.

Ensignbus, which has routes in south Essex areas such as Southend, Grays and Tilbury, last month announced a ban on contactless payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The ban came after the company revealed it had lost £10,000 in the previous three months due to contactless ‘non-payments’ through smartphones alone.

A reduced contactless limit has also been introduced due to increased fraud, so customers can still make payments by bank card, but there is a limit of £10.

Now the company has announced that some banks are blocked on its ATMs. This includes major banks such as Monzo, Revolut and ABN Amro.

An Ensignbus spokesperson said: “As part of the ongoing contactless fraud/non-payment issues, a number of banks are now blocked on our cash machines.

“The most common ones that can affect you are Revolut, ABN Amro and Monzo.

“If you use any of these, please use another bank card or cash.”

Seven-day tickets over £10 can still be purchased in two transactions.

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