Fintech Digital Bank Revolut Announces Paid Wellness Days to Reward High-Paced Performance Under Challenging Circumstances



Digital banking platform Revolution notes that they already know that revolutionaries are “exceptional people”. However, the firm Fintech stresses that what makes its team extraordinary is how well it has adapted to working remotely in a post-COVID environment.

Revolut writes in a blog post dated July 7, 2021 that they have continued to innovate for customers by introducing 24 new retail and commercial products; operationalized Revolut Bank in 12 different locations and expanded its business activities to key markets.

The Revolut team adds that now is the time to “sit back and rejuvenate with some of the ways we support well-being at work.”

The digital bank noted:

“To reward our quick performance under unusual circumstances, all Revoluters now have two paid welfare days in addition to the regular annual leave days. Our CEO Nik storonsky took the lead in getting downtime and encouraged everyone – whom he praised as “engines of our success” – to do the same. “

This initiative would be part of a larger goal that should bring Revolut closer to its goal of providing the best possible professional working environment for its global team. All Revoluters, including those “on notice or in probationary period, can use their days of well-being until November 30, 2021”.

Revolut has already proposed a 60-day temporary work abroad policy, “allowing Revoluters to work from almost anywhere in the world,” the Fintech company noted while adding that this means they can be closer to friends and family and also “get inspired by a new environment and explore new places on weekends. (Note: some caveats or conditions may apply, so check here.)

Revolution added:

“To get everyone into the habit of prioritizing well-being at work (and at home), our Workplace and Engagement team has developed a thoughtful range of virtual events aimed at improving physical well-being, social, emotional and environmental. We even have one of our own who shares his journey in battling chronic depression and how we can tackle the stigma of mental health issues together. “

The company also noted that this Well-being week, they encourage you to look for ways to “lean into what your mind, body and soul need.” Professional wellness is also “an important part of holistic gratification, so if you’re looking for more fulfillment in this area, a career with Revolut just might be,” the company explained.

Revolut, one of Europe’s leading digital banks, is working on its next funding round according to a recent report. If this is correct, Revolut is expected to receive a valuation of between $ 30 billion and $ 40 billion.

As noted, early discussions include SoftBank 2 Vision Fund and Revolut is seeking up to $ 1 billion in additional capital.

A report last spring said Revolut was forecasting a new round of funding with a valuation of around $ 10 billion, significantly lower than this most recent report.

The subscription banking platform currently operates in over 35 countries and most of its users are based in the UK. Revolut claims more than 15 million customers and more than 500,000 professional accounts. Revolut is known for its disruptive position in the digital banking industry, providing frequent iterations and updates while attracting a younger population with services such as cryptocurrency trading.


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