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Which children will not be eligible for the child tax credit?

This IRS will start making payments for the Child Tax Credit on July 15. However, the credit changes made under the US bailout will only stay in effect for one year, unless lawmakers decide to extend them.

Children’s rights organizations like the Children Defense Fund (CDF) have reported that the eligibility changes make more than 23 million children in the United States eligible to receive the benefit. However, in a report published on June 9, the organization said that the current structure still leaves out about 300,000 children.

Why are these children left out?

The CDF states that children who “due to strict eligibility criteria known as”children’s complaints rules who deny benefits to children whose primary caregivers are more distant relatives or family friends and children who do not live with a single caregiver for six months of the year. “

This means that children who move between households and from which caregivers would benefit funds are not eligible. Many of the more than a quarter of a million excluded children are “immigrants, involved in the child protection system, homeless or involved in the juvenile justice system. ”

What does the Child Defense Fund recommend?

CDF calls on Congress to make eligibility changes that would allow caregivers to benefit regardless of “their relationship with their caregiver and the benefit should continue to be support children and their families in their lives the provisions change. “

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