Fourth Stimulus Control Follow-up: Who Qualifies for a $ 5,000 Grant in New York?



Are you an artist or writer waiting for a fourth relaunch check? This year, New York released three programs that support thousands of artists affected by the pandemic. Applicants were awarded $ 5,000 to $ 9,000 depending on the program for which they applied.

Keep in mind that each program had its own application deadline.

The art sector has been one of the hardest hit amid this COVID-19 pandemic. A report from Hyperallergic said New York had lost two-thirds of its arts and recreation jobs. For what it’s worth, there are over 56,000 registered artists living in the city.

New York has taken the initiative to support its artists by unlocking scholarships and programs that earn them a few thousand dollars. These programs ran throughout the year, the earliest being in June.

$ 5,000 grant for artists in New York

According to The Author’s Guild, New York has budgeted $ 25 million in a stimulus initiative called “City Artist Corp”. The initiative has received support from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

The City Artist Corps awarded one-time grants of $ 5,000 to exactly 3,000 New York-based artists and writers who applied to the program. The grant was awarded to authors and artists who had one or more free public events (book readings or workshops) scheduled between July 10 and October 31.

The application deadline took place in three rounds. The first took place on June 22, the second on July 30 and the third on August 10.

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City Canvas offers a stipend of $ 6,000 per artist

Another program for authors and artists was the City Canvas. This is a project by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the nonprofit ArtBridge that asked 60 artists to install temporary murals or artwork on fences. building and sidewalk shelters throughout the city. Unfortunately, no timeline has been provided for City Canvas events.

The project provided for payments of $ 6,000 per accepted artist. The deadline for submitting applications ended on June 28th.

Summer Rising program and $ 9,000 payouts

The third program that supported the artists was the Summer Rising. This program, run by the New York Department of Education, recruited more than 400 artists and instructors during a six-week event.

The selected artists were to interact with students of all ages in more than 200 schools in the city. These artists carried out artistic activities and shared their experiences with their young audience.

According to Hyperallergic, the $ 9,000 in funds was distributed directly to schools enrolled in the program. The participating artists were informed to work directly on the initiative of the school.

Overall, the City Artis Corps aimed to support approximately 3,460 artists. Unfortunately, the number is only a small fraction of the affected industry.

A rally demanding better support for artists took place on May 8. Jazz musician Jerome Harris told Hyperallergic that “The devil is in the details of the implementation. There is no victory until we see that the application process is easy and that the allocation of prizes. jobs is fair. “

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