Georgian officials overturn President Donald Trump’s “savage allegations” of electoral fraud after insisting on overthrowing state


Georgian election officials on Monday resisted continued pressure from President Donald Trump, whom they accused of relying on “savage allegations” of corruption and fraud when he pressured Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger so that he “finds” just enough votes to surpass Joe Biden.

“There are no more votes to be found,” Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s top election official, said at a press conference a day after the Washington Post released the audio and transcript of Trump’s phone call on Saturday with Raffenspserger.

The president threatened that Raffensperger and his attorney general could face consequences for being complicit in an unspecified criminal offense. Lawmakers and electoral law experts say the president’s brazen attempt to overthrow the crucial state just weeks before Biden’s inauguration potentially violated federal and state election law.

Sterling, who said multiple Georgia vote tally proves the certified results are correct, noted he would leave it to others to determine whether Trump’s latest pressure campaign amounted to “an attack on democracy. “- this is how Massachusetts lawmakers, including Republican government Charlie Baker, described the president’s behavior.

“I would say this is not normal, out of place,” Sterling told reporters. “No one I know who would be president would do something like that to a secretary of state.”

That he claims that 10,000 dead voted (it was “potentially two”), that 66,000 minors voted (“the real number is zero”), or that 2,000 criminals voted (that was, at most , 74), Sterling toppled a barrage of debunked conspiracy theories that spread across social media and right-wing media to be amplified from the Oval Office.

Sterling echoed comments from Raffensperger and his office’s attorney general Ryan Germany, who told President, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and a lawyer on Saturday that their data was simply bogus.

“We haven’t seen anything in our investigations… that shows that there are almost enough ballots to change the outcome,” Sterling said, referring to a multitude of investigations into the reported irregularities.

He encouraged all registered voters in the state, even those who genuinely believe the presidential election was fraudulent, to go to the polls on Tuesday. Failure to show up to vote, he argued, was a “self-destructive” act that did not resolve anything.

Trump, who continued to claim the election was stolen on Twitter Sunday and Monday, said Sunday morning that Raffensperger was unable and unwilling to answer questions about the impropriety allegations. Raffensperger replied that the president was not telling the truth.

The public rebuke of the president’s assertions comes a day before Republicans do. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are looking to fend off challenges from Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Second-round races will determine whether Republicans retain a slim majority in the Senate.

More than 100 Republicans in Congress, lining up with Trump and his supporters, plan to oppose certification of Biden’s decisive 306-232 victory at the Electoral College on Wednesday.

Sterling argued that the multiple counts showed that one of the main claims by Trump and his allies – that Dominion Voting Systems machines could alter votes – is “easily, patently false.” Claims that Dominion moved machines out of condition, or removed machine parts, or had been hacked, were also “not real,” he said.

“Yet the president persists and in doing so undermines the confidence of Georgians in the elections,” he added.

Sterling noted that calls by state and local authorities for an investigation into the president’s phone call “will be taken under advisement.”

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