Inauguration of the new park in the center of Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — City leaders and residents turned over some dirt at the dedication of a new park in the neighborhood near Fresno High.

One of the smallest residents, Joaquin Bergstrom, was happy that the park was within walking distance of his house.

“It’s like having a ride, and that’s it,” said resident Joaquin Bergstrom.

The new park will be located right at the intersection of Van Ness and Weldon.

Right across from Ampersand Ice Cream and Quesadilla Gorilla.

The nearest park is Quigley Park about three miles away.

So Joaquin says it’s essential for his friends and family in the neighborhood.

“I feel good, so I think one day we can go there like every day because it’s so close,” he said.

The park will include green space, a play structure, a bocce court, exercise stations, accessible paths and benches, a picnic area, a drinking fountain with a dog bowl and garbage cans.

In addition, 19 new trees will be planted in the region.

Council member Esmeralda Soria said this park has been high on the wish list for years.

“It’s a park that will be a focus for all those kids and even older people who live in the neighborhood. And so we’re thrilled with that, we’re thrilled that all of the community input has gone into the design of this park,” she said.

This contribution and vision for the neighborhood has been shaped by residents like John Trotter.

“Sitting here now with real shovels and people really starting out is awesome!” she says.

The park will be financed by the P measure and the COVID-19 recovery funds.

The city will combine this existing green space with this commercial property across the street to transform the historic district.

Construction will begin next week and will continue through October, with the park scheduled to open next summer.

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