Irish Revolut users urged to update their maps due to incoming changes

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A number of Revolut cards in Ireland will stop working this summer.

The online bank is making major changes to its cards which will affect Irish customers.

According to The mirror, Revolut has contacted customers advising them to order a free replacement debit card due to ‘behind the scenes’ changes.

“We’ve been working hard to improve your card payment experience and have made some changes behind the scenes,” they wrote in an email.

“To ensure your card benefits from these changes, order a free replacement debit card for each of these cards. Your Revolut account and any other Revolut cards you have will continue to function as normal,” they continued.

However, these cards will then stop working after June 21.

“Your cards will continue to work until 2022-06-21. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a few reminders before your cards stop working,” they added.

So if you haven’t updated your map yet, you might want to look into that soon.

The online bank ended the email with a positive no, hinting at the positive benefits for Revolut users by soon writing: “”We can’t reveal too much, but we have some cool features coming over the course. months that you’ll need a new card to enjoy it, so order yours today!”

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