Leacock supervisors hear plan to bring wireless internet to residents using federal bailout funds | Community News

When: The Leacock Township Board of Supervisors met on July 18th.

What happened: Bob Troxell, director of business development for Paradise-based Upward Broadband, asked the board to support the company’s plan to bring wireless internet service to residents using federal stimulus money provided to the Lancaster County under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Background: Upward Broadband proposes to provide wireless Internet service in areas of the county that currently do not have reliable Internet access. His system works on signals from the antennas on the towers.

Why it matters: Company statistics show that 303 residences in the township do not have reliable Internet service.

The cost: The company is requesting $35,000 from ARPA funds from the Township of Leacock as well as a letter of support for its proposal. The company is seeking nearly $2.3 million from the county’s ARPA fund allocation to build 22 towers, records show. His entire project would cost $2.8 million and increase the number of tower and antenna locations, which broadcast the service to customers.

What happens next: Supervisors have not committed to the plan, but will place it on the agenda for their August 2 meeting for consideration. Supervisors wondered how many homes without Internet service would be interested.

Upward Broadband offers residential Internet service slots starting at $49.95 per month up to $299.95 per month.

Other events: The meeting ended with a discussion of the potential for rezoning approximately 68 acres on Peters Road from agriculture to limited manufacturing. The first step in the process would be for landowners to get an application and ask the township to rezone. This would be followed by a public hearing on the proposal.

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