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The flood season presents risks

Flash floods, inland flooding, and storm-related flooding threaten all of Illinois. Failure to recognize the danger could result in bodily injury or even death.

Floods also cause significant property damage every year. The Illinois Insurance Association and its member companies urge residents to review flood safety protocols and consider flood insurance.

Personal safety is most important in the event of a flood. Take the time to talk to your loved ones about where to go and what to do in the event of a flood.

Pay attention to weather updates. Warnings mean conditions are right for flooding. Watches mean that flooding is about to happen or is already happening.

Never drive, walk or swim in flood waters. Stay away from bridges which can be compromised by rushing floodwaters below.

Just 1 inch of water can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Traditional home insurance policies do not cover property loss from flooding. A stand-alone flood insurance policy is the only way to share this financial burden with an insurance company.

Homeowners, tenants and businesses in communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program can purchase flood protection on structures, contents, or both. There is a 30 day waiting period before coverage begins.

Victims without flood insurance may be eligible for low interest loans or grants. However, this financial aid requires a presidential declaration of disaster. Keep in mind that loans have to be repaid and the grants are usually much less than the damage amount.

Be aware of the dangers of flooding and contact a local property insurance agent to learn more about flood insurance before it’s too late.


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