Letters to the Editor – Labor Day, Masseurs, Republican Plans, Lindsey Graham

Tribute to American workers

We should honor the American worker on Labor Day.

The labor movement has worked to improve working conditions, create workplace democracy and actively participate in union-management decision-making. The many benefits, protections and rights that workers enjoy today would never have existed without the tireless and commendable efforts of unions and labor leaders who are truly committed to social justice and equal economic opportunity. for everyone. Unions are an extension of democracy.

Unfortunately, some initiatives have been designed to lower labor standards, weaken unions and erode workplace protections. These efforts would have diminished the bargaining power and political influence of organized workers.

As we enjoy this Labor Day weekend, let’s take some time to pay tribute to a true unsung hero, the American worker. Let’s celebrate the workforce that built this nation from field to field, factory to factory and office to office.

Without a doubt, American workers built this great country hand in hand.

John Di Genio, Cibolo

Give us something concrete, please.

Fellow Republicans, you have repeatedly stated that you are against gun legislation, our current health care plan, stimulus funds, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, and funding for many programs. social in general. What we would like to know is why you are and what are your plans and means to implement your alternative legislation?

Governor Greg Abbott, what is your plan to eliminate rape cases and why haven’t we heard from you recently about it? Also, how are you going to help all those mothers with their newborns who will need child care, pediatric medical care, and education?

Republicans, what is your plan for alternative health care that we have never heard of, your plans for securing the border, your plans for better public education that does not turn to the good guys, your plans for keeping school children and other members of the community against military style weapons? And what about improving infrastructure and protecting the environment? Please respond so we all know and are better able to make informed decisions at the polls.

Margaret BarnesDallas

Slight overreaction?

Re: “City sees pain relief, but firefighters see sex toys – Department bristles at massagers donated as part of health drive,” Thursday’s Metro & Business article.

Oh good? Did that make the news?

In the photo accompanying the article, the mini massager looks like, well, a mini massager. My tense neck muscles, my tight legs, my temples pounding from a headache, and the soles of my tired feet yearned for this innocent little device.

What happened to the “thank you for the gift” and then quietly removing any items you don’t like or can’t use or find offensive?

Surely, while responding to emergency calls and at the scene of fires, these adult firefighters have witnessed much worse than the sight of a mini masseur. It is quite surprising to think that those who are trusted to deal with human trauma and deal with it in a timely manner tremble at the sight of such a device.

Charlotte Camilla Koford, Dallas

Keep hiding…

Subject: “Graham’s Testimony Suspended – Appeals Court Returns 2020 Election Order to Judge”, August 22 article.

If you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding? If you’re accused of a crime you didn’t commit, you should look forward to having your day in court. Of course, we are far from the court. We are simply trying to determine if a crime has even been committed.

But just like all of former President Donald Trump’s allies before him, Senator Lindsey Graham is running as fast as he can not to tell the truth. We’ve seen Trump hide behind the Fifth Amendment dozens of times in his testimony, essentially admitting, “If I answer your question, it will incriminate me.”

The more you hide, the more reason we have to find you.

Stephen W. McCluer, Far North Dallas

Added a felony charge

I have spent nearly 50 years working with families with high risk pregnancies and their obstetricians to improve outcomes. Unfortunately, 3-5% of these pregnancies are associated with genetic and/or structural abnormalities often incompatible with life after birth. Terminating these pregnancies requires significant emotional and ethical considerations and counseling aimed at alleviating the pain and suffering of families and the unborn fetus.

The Texas Legislature, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and a group of citizens, most of them without medical training or understanding, decided they knew what was best for these families and so invaded that aspect private physician for pregnancy and reproductive care.

They have unnecessarily prolonged the emotional suffering and long-term well-being of these families. This is reminiscent of a woman maintaining an unwanted pregnancy after rape or incest. Is this a crime deserving of prison?

Charles R. Rosenfeld, Dallas

It’s the least the officials can do

Subject: “Eliminate State’s ‘Tapon Tax’ – Abbott Support Signals Days Are Numbered for Unfair Levies on Necessary Hygiene Products”, August 25 editorial.

Guess Governor Greg Abbott is throwing women a bone by belatedly supporting the elimination of the “tampon tax” on women’s hygiene products. This problem has existed for years, without any Republican support. But since women are no longer equal citizens, I guess he thinks that will appease us.

Ladies, it’s no longer “my body, my choice”, but my body, that of Abbott, Ken Paxton and Dan Patrick!

Sandy Elkins, Plano

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