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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Live Storm, the first video engagement platform that lets people manage their meetings and webinars, today announced the addition of six new features designed to improve engagement in virtual events and meetings. People who attend or host virtual meetings and webinars are likely to be distracted, exceed allotted meeting times, and display unprofessional or monotonous backgrounds. The goal of Livestorm’s new features is to mitigate these issues, help improve engagement, and continue to improve the user experience.

By popular demand breakout rooms are available for all Livestorm users. A breakout room is a dedicated space where a small group of people can come together to solve problems, have short discussions or network. In the physical world, we often see them at workshops, networking events, or even large conferences. They can be equally effective when implemented in virtual versions of similar events and in daily group video meetings.

The new Timer App feature makes it effortless to track and manage event time, whether it’s a webinar, large-scale event, or meeting, by setting your event timer, by adjusting the timer visibility for guest speakers and attendees, add music that plays when the timer starts and provides the ability to add, subtract, pause or start your timer. Most notably, the Timer app also allows hosts to start a timer to help them keep time while conducting a presentation that can be kept private or shown to everyone.

With 25 to 35% of Americans Still working from home, virtual background images that appear behind attendees at online events are still a must. Livestorm’s new virtual background library offers 120 free virtual backgrounds in all categories, including outdoor, business office, and holiday parties.

Livestorm has also added another plugin to its marketplace, Slido. Understanding that engaging a remote audience can be challenging, Slido will offer Livestorm users new ways to interact with their audience using open-ended questions, different types of polls, word clouds, and more. This app can be found in the app market or by searching for it via the “Install more” shortcut in an event room’s apps menu. This new integration is part of a larger ecosystem of applications on the Livestorm Marketplace, including Gusto which simplifies employee onboarding, Marketo for data automation, Beekast to boost interaction with your events, and other collaborative platforms such as Miro and Google Doc.

“We make it a point to listen to our customers because we understand how important it is to capture undivided attention to determine the impact of virtual events and meetings,” said Gilles Bertaux, co-founder and CEO. by Livestorm. “We are excited to offer our customers these new features that prioritize attendee engagement and a seamless, integrated platform for meeting and event planners.”

Finally, Livestorm users can now increase engagement from start to finish with a sign-up limit, calendar view, and mandatory polls. With registration limits, event organizers can build excitement ahead of an upcoming event by setting a limit on the number of registrants allowed to attend and displaying the limit on your registration page. Because it can be difficult to locate event sessions by date, Livestorm has also developed a new Calendar view. The Calendar view allows users to view, create, and edit event sessions on your calendar. To further encourage event attendance, you can now make your polls appear as a template in the middle of your event room by making them mandatory. To do this, simply check the new “required survey” box when you create a survey.

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About Livestorm

Livestorm, founded in 2016, is the first video engagement platform that allows people to manage their professional video events, such as meetings and webinars from start to finish.

Unlike traditional webinar or video conferencing software, Livestorm provides teams with integrated tools to manage and deliver memorable live or on-demand video experiences from start to finish. With Livestorm, unlock traditional video conferencing silos and use an end-to-end video engagement platform for your meetings and events. Access email templates and sequences, customizable sign-up pages, email delivery tracking, website widgets, integrated social sharing and more.

Forget boring meetings and events with little interaction. With Livestorm, you can choose from a multitude of features to engage participants: launch polls, answer questions, send emojis, share files, and much more. Finally, make data-driven decisions with Livestorm’s built-in dashboard to track attendee registrations, attendance, and engagement. Integrate Livestorm with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM to leverage data from any event.

Livestorm is built with ease of use in mind. We serve companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500. Brands like Shopify, Honda, Spendesk, Front and Revolut trust Livestorm to host their online meetings, webinars and virtual events. Livestorm’s customers come from a variety of industries including technology, education, healthcare, government, media, real estate and many more.

Livestorm is available in 24 languages, connecting users around the world.

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