Low income? mayor of Saint-Laurent encourages residents to apply for funding | News

LAWRENCE — Mayor Brian A. DePena is calling on residents with low or no income to apply for thousands of dollars available to individuals and families this year through several expanded federal tax credit programs.

DePena, in a statement released this week, stressed that the funding request “will not affect cases or immigration status.”

“Parents and guardians without a Social Security number can get an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) to get this money for their eligible children,” the statement said.

Recent federal policy changes have made adjustments to tax rules that make millions of dollars available to people who have never had to file taxes before – or who haven’t filed in recent years. .

People can apply by filing a tax return for this money and can get free help through websites like www.findyourfunds.org if they earn $60,000 or less.

IRS data shows that at least 58,000 Massachusetts children may miss out on the Child Tax Credit, which has the potential to reduce child poverty by 40% and has been shown to reduce food insufficiency by 26%. In Lawrence, at least 743 people could miss that money.

Massachusetts residents filing taxes this year may be eligible for:

Up to $3,600 per child with the Child Tax Credit

Any missed COVID-19 stimulus payments for individuals and their children/dependents, up to $3,200 per person

Up to $6,728 with federal earned income tax credit, depending on number of children/dependents

Up to $2,018 with Massachusetts Earned Income Tax Credit, depending on number of children/dependents

“The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating and disproportionate impact on the economic situation of low-income people who were already struggling,” DePena said. “This money can ease the economic burden for many people, so I urge our residents to be diligent and find out if they qualify for this child tax credit.”

This year, thousands of dollars are available for families with low or no income; who had a baby in 2020 or 2021; who have no dependent children; who experience homelessness; and who are immigrants.

Additionally, Massachusetts residents can register for any missed payments within the past three years and receive the money.

If a family received monthly money from the IRS in 2021 for their children, $250 or $300 per month per child, with the advance child tax credit, they must file a tax return to receive the remaining money.

These funds are not a loan and do not need to be repaid. This money does not count for most benefit programs, such as SNAP, WIC, TAFDC, EAEDC, SSI, MassHealth, Emergency Assistance shelter, and most types of public and subsidized housing.

People who aren’t required to file taxes because of the amount of money they earn can file anytime until the IRS closes for the season in late fall — but it’s recommended to deposit quickly to obtain the funds.

People who are required to file taxes must do so by April 19.

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