More Passengers Means Bigger Airport Terminal for Kearney Air Travelers | Local news

The addition of flights to Chicago has boosted air travel from Kearney, as boardings for 2021 illustrate.

At one month of the calendar year, boardings for 2021 stand at 22,411. Passenger volume is really taking off and will likely exceed 23,000 boardings, according to figures provided by Eric Hellriegel, deputy managing director of Kearney.

The current passenger volume has nearly doubled from just a few years ago, when 19-passenger propeller planes flew from Kearney to Denver.

Passenger volume has increased dramatically with 50-passenger airliners, and as boardings continue to climb, it may soon be time to switch to larger 70-passenger jets, according to discussions a few months ago. .

All of that extra passengers means extra baggage, so the terminal will have new baggage handling equipment to handle the larger volume. The terminal section for upstream TSA checks will also be larger, as will the secure waiting area for screened passengers.

The city is working with a consultant who can help navigate the federal planning process. Planning can be complicated as planners must do their best to predict how current growth will affect airport operations in the future.

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