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A new study has revealed that Revolut is the most searched online banking service in Europe.

The study, conducted by spread betting broker CMC Markets, analyzed a comprehensive list of online banking services available in Europe via Ahrefs to find out the average number of monthly searches each bank receives in each European country.

Top 10 most searched digital banks in Europe
Rank Bank Number of countries where the bank is in the top 3 most searched searches
1 Revolution 43
2 Wise 42
3 N26 18
4 mbank seven
5 Infatuation 5
6 Curve 4
seven Lunar 3
8 card 3
9 Tinkoff 2
ten Monese 2

Revolut was the most searched on Google, being first in 15 countries, including Germany and Spain with 71,000 average monthly searches each, and Switzerland with 25,000 average monthly searches. The bank is also the second most searched bank in six other countries such as France and Iceland, and the third in six countries including Belgium, Italy and Belarus. In total, Revolut sees 923,080 average monthly searches across Europe.

Revolut is a British fintech that offers banking services. It was founded in 2015, with its headquarters in London, UK, but after Brexit the company also found a way to maintain easy and fast access for its international customers, by obtaining a Challenger banking license from the European Central Bank, facilitated by the Bank. from Lithuania.

Wise, a London-based fintech company founded by two Estonians, comes in second as it appears the most in the list just below Revolut, ranking among the top three most searched banks in 42 of the 48 countries surveyed. . The bank formerly known as TransferWise is also the most searched in nine countries, including Estonia, with 6,300 average monthly searches, as well as Norway, Turkey and Ukraine.

Wise is the second most searched site in 18 countries, including Hungary, Greece and Portugal, while it is third in five countries. In total, Wise has 338,080 average monthly searches in Europe.

N26, a German neo-bank founded in 2013, comes third because it is the best result in four European countries: Andorra, Austria, San Marino and Slovenia. The bank is also the second most searched bank in four countries, including Belgium and Luxembourg, and the third most searched in ten other countries.

The study was conducted by CMC Markets, a UK-based financial services company that offers online derivatives trading such as spread betting and contracts for difference in global markets such as stocks and currencies.

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