New Incentive Program Offers Help to Fredericksburg Area Restaurants | Local News



“They mobilized in less than 30 days with new innovations through changes in products, orders and distribution,” he said.

A number of these companies were also helped by the initial cycle of paycheck protection program remission loans administered through the SBA last year, as well as the cycle currently underway. These funds have helped keep businesses afloat as the economy recovers, but they still lost customers and have to pay for things like rent while preparing for a post-pandemic business world. did he declare.

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Things are slowly starting to return to normal with the latest updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for activities vaccinated people across the country can safely resume, and Northam’s further easing of restrictions on Virginia restaurants. Starting May 15, they will be able to open bar seats for the first time in a year, sell alcohol after midnight, and keep their dining rooms open between midnight and 5 a.m.

“The RR Fund will be extremely useful in funding future changes,” said Baker. “Personally, I like the broad interpretation of the use of funds. This will allow business owners to use the funds where they are needed most. “

Eligible expenses include payroll, supplies, mortgage or rent payments, and purchases to help businesses transition into today’s market, which still faces some restrictions related to COVID. Hunt said she intended to use the RRF money she was receiving for payroll, rent and utilities.


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