Oklahoma County commissioners seek stimulus funds for new jail

Oklahoma County commissioners have requested stimulus funds for a new jail. At a meeting Tuesday, county commissioners agreed to seek state assistance for the new jail. wants $110 million from the state for a new prison. The county commission unanimously approved the request on Tuesday, but not everyone was convinced the money would be put to good use. The money would come from the American Rescue Plan Act. The law has somewhat looser guidelines than the CARES Act.>> More on this: Chad Alexander approved as next member of Oklahoma County Jail TrustThe county’s application must go through a special legislative committee. “So you’re asking the state to match the funds for a bond that has to go to a public election that we haven’t had yet. It just happens every week there’s a new plan or a new scam to find the money. Ransom note rephrasing suddenly doesn’t make it legal,” said Criminal Justice Advisory Council director. to build a new prison with federal fundsThe director of the Criminal Justice Advisory Council disagreed. “The new proposal focuses on the medical and behavioral health part that goes into the prison,” he said. Voters could be asked to approve bonds for a new prison this spring.

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