Online marketplace Grovara launches ordering tool

B2B marketplace Grovara launched the first digital pallet builder for food and beverage export on Monday, January 17, with a Press release saying the platform allows international buyers to place orders and save time.

The press release notes that only one in 10 companies exports, due to the difficulty of doing business with a foreign manufacturer.

The traditional process involves purchase orders built by crate but shipped by pallet. As such, there could be slow calculations for things like product dimensions and shipping requirements as buyers tried to complete the return on investment (ROI) for each transaction – this could take weeks. or months and lead to delays and loss of revenue.

Grovara’s Pallet-Builder offers “instant” calculations and a more interactive visual display of the layers needed to fill a pallet and process an order. The algorithm-driven tool also reconciles product dimensional data and shipping temperature requirements with more specific details.

The release notes that shipping international orders is more than “stackable boxes.” Pallets must be filled according to height and weight requirements, and those that are too small will tip over or not stack well. Additionally, some countries have regulations for imported pallets.

Grovara services work with brands to gather data points around a product and case dimensions. The Grovara platform also allows importing with just a few clicks, allowing for better discovery, documentation and visibility, depending on the version.

“The Pallet-Builder is designed to streamline placing an order, and we have gone to great lengths to standardize a very complex process,” chris nelson, Grovara’s executive vice president of technology, said in the announcement. “Buyers are happy because ordering is so easy, brands are thrilled because they are now multiplying global opportunities faster. The process frees up the ability to provide better prices while increasing supplier margins. »

PYMNTS writes that Grovara’s business was accelerated by facilitating exports. The company said the number of shoppers using the platform had exceeded 1,000 – and had seen many consecutive months with the best sales it had seen.

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