Partner HDBank and Unilever Vietnam

HDBank and Unilever Vietnam will work together to optimize supply chains and improve service quality, a press release said on Saturday (July 23).

HDBank is one of the largest banks in Vietnam and Unilever Vietnam is a major consumer goods company there.

HDBank offers financing and banking services to distributors and retailers, who will also benefit from Unilever’s strategies and incentives.

The release says customers will be able to make cashless payments on their smartphones with the HDBank app and QR Pay technology. HDBank’s advanced security and smart statement methods improve business financial management while minimizing risk.

There will also be loans at preferential interest rates, without collateral, to alleviate the cash flow problems of traders.

Phạm Quoc Thanh, CEO of HDBank, said the partnership is in line with how the State Bank of Vietnam wants to add more cashless payments. He said it would also support distributors and retailers in remote areas, where there is a lack of access to banking tools.

“By leveraging the advantages of HDBank and Unilever Vietnam in terms of geographical location, technology application and new customer approach, the partnership will help both parties cover many different markets.”

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Unilever also partnered with Cartona, the Egyptian retail technology company, earlier this year, PYMNTS wrote. The aim was to connect with the market’s base of retailers, suppliers and distributors.

Unilever will have access to the digital network of over 60,000 retailers in this region, while Cartona will carry more Unilever products.

Cartona’s goal is to digitize the Egyptian trading system, which still operates mostly offline.



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