Presentation of the world’s first interactive directory of digital-only neobanks


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The shift to digital banking and the corresponding rise of neobanks is arguably the biggest and most important trend to hit the banking world over the past 20 years. This is precisely why The financial brand announces the release of our brand new Neobank Tracker – Powered by Nymbus. It is the first public database of neobanks, challenger banks, digital-only banks, direct banks and fintechs offering direct-to-market solutions.

Do you work in the banking sector and want to follow the innovations deployed by the challenger banks? Are you running a fintech or neobank today and want to keep an eye on the competitive landscape? Are you a venture capitalist or investment banker who wants to assess the neobank market? Then this directory is for you.

What does the “Neobank Tracker” database contain?

The inaugural edition of Neobank tracker includes more than 270 neobanks in a searchable and searchable online database. Each list in the index includes nine distinct data points:

  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Financial categories
  • Target audience (consumers, businesses)
  • Number of clients
  • number of employees
  • Foundation year
  • Seat location
  • The description

Visit the Interactive Neobank Tracker

How are neobanks categorized?

The financial brand classified each neobank in one (or more) of the following six categories:

  • Digital bank – Provide the same (or similar) transactional functionality as a current account, most often including a debit or credit card. The service intends to replace or compete with checking accounts offered by traditional banks and credit unions.
  • Payments – Facilitate payments and / or money transfers between parties (eg Venmo, Zelle, PayPal). Until cryptocurrencies are more widely adopted as true payment mechanisms, they will not be included in the database.
  • Ready – Provide loans and / or lines of credit, including mortgages, personal loans, student loans, auto loans, business loans and the refinancing of these loans.
  • Investments – Platforms that allow investors to trade stocks, options, bonds and other standard retail investments, or services that help investors research and analyze these transactions. Does not include currency, crypto or forex.
  • Personal Financial Management Tools (PFM) – Facilitates the analysis of expenditure models, classification / categorization of expenditure, creation of budgets and / or aggregation of financial accounts of several third parties.
  • Financial education – Tools that help consumers develop their financial knowledge and / or skills. Includes credit repair, credit monitoring, counseling and credit establishment services.

Over time, the number of categories and their respective definitions may change.

How to update, modify or add a Neobank list

The financial brand The team pulled the data included in our initial post from a range of sources including LinkedIn, Crunchbase, press releases, and each organization’s website and their social media channels. Please keep in mind: we worked with what was publicly available and did our best.

Inevitably, some neobanks and fintechs may have been overlooked. Why? There are a few that were not included due to language barriers; if we can’t determine what service (s) they provide (because, say, the entire site is in Chinese), we had to leave them off the list – at least for now. There are also plenty of white-label fintechs offering innovative solutions to traditional financial institutions, but while fintech doesn’t directly target consumers or businesses with their own stand-alone platform, they aren’t listed. And then, of course, we just missed a few here and there.

Please be nice:

The financial brand The team have done their best to collect the most accurate and timely information we could find. We are aware that some information may be incorrect. If you want to add a neobank, or if you want to update an existing entry, please Click here.

Submit / update an ad

The financial brand reserves the right to verify any information submitted, and all submissions are subject to approval at our discretion.

the Neobank Tracker will be a “work in progress” in progress. We plan to update often – at least once per calendar quarter, but maybe more frequently.

Special thanks go to The financial brand Garret Reich for his hard work in building this database and for Nymbus for their sponsorship and support for this initiative.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on how we could improve the Neobanker Tracker, Contact us please.


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