PVCC to Offer Free Fall, Spring Classes, and Fees for Most Students | Education



The survey also found that 42% of students at the state’s 23 community colleges had worried about housing safety in the past year, and 10% did not have housing.

“Even before COVID-19, we knew that many of our students faced non-academic barriers to their success,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of the Virginia Community College System. “The numbers are sobering, but it’s important that we have a realistic picture of the challenges students face, so that we can try to help where and when we can.

Friedman said PVCC students match the survey results and college officials realize that for many the barrier to going back to school is money.

“We decided that now is the time for PVCC to take action,” he said. “We believe this program is the right program at the right time.”

The money comes from four sources of funding. Federal funds come from Pell Grants and stimulus funds approved by Congress in the past year. Public funds from the G-3 program, which is designed to provide trades training, will be used where appropriate.

The school also rides a pony.

“We add our own budget funds and the foundation funds that we raise from generous donors who support scholarships,” Friedman said. “The combination of these four sources will cover all tuition and fees for everything from college courses, degree courses, certificates, and workforce development.”


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