Ranking personal finance apps full of surprises



Personal finances are personal. It is nobody’s business. Just you and your money.

It is the magic of capitalism at work. It’s something to see, and so we are following it ardently here with the PYMNTS provider ranking of personal finance apps.

It’s one of those leaderboards that lasts for periods of time with little change, and then all of a sudden everyone changes places, going up or down as the case may be.

Everything is quite personal, as we said. But we’re going to give you it piecemeal anyway.

The Top 5

To start on a note of stability, Chime Mobile Banking retains its headquarters at No.1.

Likewise, the Robinhood app remains at # 2 after its incredible rise this year.

Now come the changes we talked about, starting with # 3 where we now find the Stash app up from the previous cycle. This pushes the stable actor Current to a No. 4 ranking position this month, while still staying in the Top 5. We have to keep our priorities straight.

New in the Top 5 at No. 5, it is the incredible Albert Save And Spend Smarter application, which gains a place and climbs to the top. Welcome. We’ve been expecting you. Dinner is in the oven.

The Top 10

Losing a spot to # 6 this month we have the Acorns Invest Spare Change app, which comes out of the Top 5, but by no means counted. We’re keeping an eye on this one.

Out of nowhere to re-enter the ranking of personal finance application providers, it is the Emma Budget Manager application at number 7 with its pretty logo that looks like a purple gelatin bear.

No change for the myWisely Financial Wellness app, which easily maintains 8th place.

There is a tie at No.9 which isn’t unusual, but we still didn’t expect it. This time around, it was the Fidelity Investments app that was already ranked that way, now joined at No. 9 by Mint Personal Finance & Money, which has tumbled two positions since the last cycle.

Keeping No. 10 for a month is the Empower app, which goes up and down but never seems to leave the thin air of the supplier rankings. I guess they like it here. As they should.



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