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IRELAND. Financial services platform Revolut reported an increase in spending on airports and other travel among its Irish consumer base of 1.5 million people in July compared to June. The growth coincided with the launch of the EU’s COVID digital certificate and the return of non-essential overseas travel in July.

Revolut report showed strong travel spending trends among Irish users of the platform

Revolut user spending at airports in Ireland jumped + 57% month-over-month, while in duty-free stores it increased + 70% to almost € 50 per person on average , although this figure is down from June. The number of users buying duty free jumped + 108% compared to the previous month. Irish customers’ spending on plane tickets increased by + 50% in July compared to June, the figures show.

The Revolut report from July 2021 also shows that out-of-state spending for Revolut’s Irish customers increased by + 39% in the month.

An overview of spending in key categories including duty free, airports and airlines. Source: Revolution. Click to enlarge.

Sebastian Hamilton, Head of Public Affairs for Revolut Ireland, said: “Our latest figures show an increase in spending on flights and at airports in July, as well as a significant increase in spending by Revolut’s Irish customers abroad.

“The introduction of the Covid passport on July 19 appears to have been a major factor in the return of international travel, as shown by soaring spending by airlines, airport shops and duty free.

“The biggest increases in spending abroad in July were in the 45-54 and 35-44 age groups. This may be a further indication of the impact of the Covid passport for age groups who are likely to have been fully vaccinated in time to travel abroad in July.

“Since Revolut started life as a card offering lower exchange rates for travelers, it’s great to see our customers be able to enjoy vacation abroad again. “

Overall, all sales channels and categories combined, consumer spending by Revolut’s Irish customers increased by + 8% in July compared to June, underlining the gradual recovery of the economy.

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