Revolut issues reminder to all Irish customers as major change in a few weeks

Revolut has issued a reminder to all customers as the company makes major changes to its service in Ireland.

Following its official launch as a bank earlier this year, Revolut has announced a date customers need to know if they want to continue using their Revolut card in stores.

Customers will need to update their current card to continue using its services in the coming months, as all cards will stop working after June 21.

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In an email to customers, the company said: “We reached out not long ago to let you know that we’ve made some changes to improve your card payment experience.

“We want you to take advantage of these changes, so don’t forget to order your free replacement debit card…”

He added that existing maps will continue to work until August 11 and will issue a warning before they stop working.

“Your Revolut account and any other Revolut cards you own will still function as normal,” he said.

“Order your free replacement cards and we’ll deliver them to an address convenient for you in one of the 150+ countries we deliver to. Track your delivery in the app and don’t forget to add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to start using it right away.”

In other news, Revolut also said they were “updating and simplifying the fee schedule” to continue offering low international transfer fees to customers while covering costs.

Over the past year, Revolut has launched 12 new currencies, mostly in Asia and Latin America, with at least ten more on the way.

A Revolut spokesperson said: “The Premium and Metal free monthly allowances for international transfers will be replaced with a discount of 20% and 40%, respectively, regardless of the number of international transfers a customer sends per month. .

“We have a price calculator on our site and in the app, which allows customers to see exactly how much they would pay for a given transfer and how much the recipient would receive.

“We’re building a new tool that will allow customers to compare Revolut’s charges with those of other providers and will share an update with you when it’s live.”

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