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London, August 16, 2022: Beam, a social enterprise that helps homeless people find stable jobs and housing, has been added to Revolut Donations.

Revolut users can now donate to Beam and help the homeless raise money for training, work tools, travel expenses, childcare and rental deposits, directly through the application. Funds donated to Beam through Revolut Donations will be split equally among Beam grantees, who will each get their own “crowdfunding” profile on Beam’s website to remove financial barriers in their path. Beam then connects them with ethical landlords and employers, in industries ranging from construction to healthcare.

Revolut users will be able to see the impact of their donations via a dedicated Revolut impact page on the Beam website. This allows them to track the progress of people they have supported and send messages of encouragement to boost them. 100% of beneficiaries reach their goal within an average of 16 days, making Beam one of the most effective ways to help the homeless in the UK.

With Revolut Donations, 100% of the money donated goes directly to the chosen charity or organization. Donations can be found on the hub or by searching for ‘donations’ in the Revolut app and users can choose to set up recurring donations, reserve currency donations or just make a one-time donation to their cause. choice.

Alex Stephany, Founder and CEO of Beamsaid:

“We are thrilled to bring Beam to Revolut’s community of over 20 million users. Just as Revolut has enabled its customers to get the most out of their money, Beam is showing that there is a new way to support homeless people over the long term: by giving them the skills, tools and confidence to win. their lives and become financially independent. »

Christopher Guttridge, Managing Director – Lifestyle Productssaid:

“By allowing users to donate electronically and pass on 100% of the donation to those who need it most, we hope the Revolut community can support the great work that Beam and its technology are doing to solve the problem of ‘roaming.”

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