Revolut’s metal plan will save you money on vintage products

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  • The bank wants to help offset some of the cost of menstrual products for people who have their period.

    Rules can get expensive, and if you’ve never done the math, you might be shocked. Women and people who have their period get around 456 in their lifetime, costing around £ 18,000 in total.

    Research suggests that if we don’t go for reusable pants or moon mugs, we’re spending around £ 1,915 on tampons and £ 2,326 on sanitary napkins – but as we all know, it’s not just about sanitary products. There is quite an expensive survival kit to consider. This includes chocolate, which costs £ 686, wine at £ 2,804, cream for small groups which costs us £ 4,127, junk food at £ 6,840 and pain relief which costs us £ 4,127.

    While the government’s removal of ‘stamp tax‘this year (January 2021) – which means you no longer have to pay 5% VAT on vintage products – will save you around 7p per pack of 20 stamps, right really enough to cushion the blow to your bank balance?

    Probably not. But there may be another alternative …

    Can a bank help me pay my period?

    To help reduce the cost of your menstrual cycle and make better use of your money, the banking app Revolution associated with Yopie, a female-owned, organic menstrual wellness brand to help offset the cost of your period.

    Revolut is a banking app with over 15 million users and claims the move is part of a new “invest in yourself” campaign. Basically, it aims to help women ensure their financial well-being and increase their savings.

    If you subscribe to Revolut’s ‘Metal’ plan, the bank will give you £ 5 cash back on your menstrual products purchased from Yoppie each month for one year. This includes pads, liners, face masks, and more.

    The idea is that you can then use the money to invest, or you can put it in a “savings vault” where you can earn 0.4% interest through Revolut.

    Is Revolut’s Metal Plan Worth It?

    Now it’s worth considering that Revolut’s metal plan costs £ 12.99 per month – but the card offers a number of other perks besides the £ 5 off at Yoppie, including access to a wide range of savings products that could help offset the cost.

    Revolut insists that this is not a marketing plan, but you should do the math to see if it’s worth it and if it meets your needs. To help you make a decision, here are some of the benefits offered by the Revolut metal plan:

    ✔ Cashback on your purchases in the currency of your choice, including cryptocurrency if you wish

    ✔ Travel savings, which includes free spending abroad (many debit cards charge around 3% on purchases made outside the UK) as well as medical insurance and late-payment coverage. travel – and you also have access to travel lounges.

    ✔ Coverage for lost / damaged or “bad luck” purchases if you don’t make it happen for some reason

    ✔ Access to investment products at low rates

    ✔ Disposable virtual cards – which can protect you from fraud while shopping online or through social media

    ✔A metal card in different colors (always nice to take out of your purse, right?)

    And if you’re the forgetful type who doesn’t collect things for on-time refunds, then you’ll take advantage of the 90-day return window through which if a retailer refuses to refund you (on items costing between £ 50 and £ 300 ) then Revolut will do it.

    You can view the list of benefits at The Revolut site. But if you travel frequently, shop regularly online, or are looking to start investing on a low cost, the card may well be worth it. Of course, you’ll also have to be happy to use Yoppie for your period.

    Revolut’s campaign begins November 17th and you have until February 28th to register. If you already have a Revolut account, you have until February 28 to upgrade the account.

    And the good news is that partners can also benefit if they have someone in their life who might need a little financial help to cover the cost of the period. So… something to think about?

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