Scammers target Revolut users in Cork with text storm

Scammers have launched a new wave of fake text messages targeting AIB and Revolut customers in Cork as month-end paydays approach.

The latest text message-based scam sees criminals pretending to be from AIB Bank, telling customers they need to reply to the message to make a purchase using the popular money transfer app, Revolut.

Leesiders affected by the scam have taken to social media to warn others that the text messages are landing on phones. And the Gardai have warned people to be on their guard and watch out for criminals hoping to harvest personal information, including bank account numbers and passwords.

The message reads “AIB: To complete your purchase at Revolut for €300, answer Y, if you have NOT requested this visit…”. It then gives a website address that users are prompted to click on.

Revolut has repeatedly warned users; “we will never contact you by phone without verifying ourselves first by sending you a message through your Revolut app.”

The company warned users:

  • If someone calls you claiming to be from Revolut, hang up immediately. Then contact us via the in-app chat.
  • Revolut and other companies will never tell you to transfer your money to a new account.
  • Revolut and other companies will never ask you to ignore fraudulent payment warnings.
  • Revolut will never tell you which buttons to press or ask you to download software so someone else can see your screen.”

Gardai has already had to issue several warnings about scam text messages and calls claiming to be to a range of services, including major banks and popular payment apps.

For all the advice from Garda on what to do if you are targeted – and how to protect yourself and your details – visit Garda web page on fraudulent calls and SMS.

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