Solodev Launches Serverless Health Cloud to Power Fast, Secure, and Scalable Patient Portals on AWS


Announced at HIMSS 2022, Solodev now offers a serverless solution for enterprise-grade healthcare organizations to manage critical patient data and improve digital health experiences in the cloud – powered by AWS

ORLANDO, Fla., March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Solodev, the cloud services company, today announced the launch of its new Serverless Health Cloud: a fast, secure, and highly scalable platform for managing sensitive patient information. patients on digital channels. The new platform, comprised of both a customizable application and serverless infrastructure, is designed for large healthcare organizations that want to migrate to AWS, streamline their cloud operations, and achieve cost and scalability. more predictable while protecting patient data. The news was announced at the HIMSS 2022 healthcare industry conference, which is being held in Orlando, Florida.

Health records are considered by some industry analysts to be 50 times more valuable than social security or credit card data. Black market demand has exploded as hackers target rich data to fraudulently seek medical care, prescription drugs and other services. As a result, healthcare data breaches are increasing at an almost exponential rate. The HIPAA Journal reported that there were an average of 59 data breaches each month in 2021, with causes ranging from ransomware to hacked network servers.

At the same time, healthcare organizations are placing greater emphasis on automated, patient-centric digital experiences personalized to their unique needs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, telehealth services exploded as people accessed medical care through a wide variety of digital channels. As integrated patient portals become more popular, they also become more complex – and allow for scalability while maintaining data security, and HIPAA compliance has led to increased reliance on advanced cloud technologies.

To address these challenges, the Solodev Serverless Health Cloud provides an ultra-secure patient portal experience, allowing large organizations to manage multiple data sources in a secure and encrypted environment powered by Git. The app enables organizations to design unique portal experiences that improve the patient journey while easily connecting them to their Protected Health Information (PHI). Powered by AWS Fargate, the most advanced container-based solution for serverless deployments, Solodev’s Health Cloud is infinitely scalable, lightning-fast, and relatively inexpensive, giving organizations more control and predictability over their cloud operations.

Solodev offers its Serverless Health Cloud as an enterprise engagement, providing a team of cloud experts who work with organizations to understand their goals and develop a cloud transformation plan to transition to AWS. Solodev also helps create and execute the full DevOps strategy, including setting up AWS enterprise account resources, serverless repositories and pipelines, security monitoring, and other critical cloud services. Solodev also provides 24/7 engineering and support for the maintenance of serverless applications and Health Cloud deployments running on AWS.

“Serverless is powering the future of digital patient experiences,” said Shawn Moore, Chief Technology Officer at Solodev. “As healthcare companies focus on digital transformation and migrate their businesses to the cloud, they are driven by a compelling need to secure patient data while scaling to meet increased demand. Now, our Serverless Health Cloud gives them a real solution to build personalized patient portals that are fast, secure, and less expensive — and backed by the unparalleled scalability of AWS.

In addition to its Serverless Health Cloud, Solodev has introduced several new cloud products to its catalog, including Solodev License Manager and Solodev NFT Marketplace. The company is also planning several announcements on its 2022 roadmap that include cloud apps for recruiting, crypto, personalization, and more.

To learn more about the Serverless Health Cloud offer, contact Solodev.

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