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How Effective Has The Colorado Vaccine Lottery Been?

In an effort to encourage more residents to receive their vaccines, some states have launched vaccine lottery programs, giving residents the chance to win millions. Ohio was the first state to implement such a program and so far the results do not show that it has helped to increase the vaccination rate. Colorado was also an early adopter of the concept. Did it work?

On average in April, Colorado vaccinated 56,552 adults every day. In May, that number fell to 33 314. The vaccine lottery was launched on May 25 and the average number of doses administered after the the announcement until June 11 is lower than that of the whole month of May – just over 14,000.

Is Colorado On Track To Meet President Biden’s Goal?

The president hopes to see at least seventy percent of adults vaccinated at least partially in the United States by July 4. The current percentage in Colorado stands at 67.7%. Since the number of doses administered in the state has declined, this measure has slowed down considerably. In April, the percentage of adults who received a dose increased by 20 points, in May this the number was 7. While the program has not helped speed up vaccination, he said the vaccination rate will allow the state to meet President Biden’s goal. As long as the pace does not slow down significantly in the coming weeks, the State is on its way to exceeding the president’s target.

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