Tax filing season starts Monday

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Tax filing season officially begins tomorrow and experts say it’s best to start early because we could see a repeat of last year’s sluggishness.

Bryan Williams, tax consultant and founder of the People’s Tax Service, says there are a few changes this year.

Families who received child tax credit and stimulus payments will need to keep an eye on the mail for two letters that will contain the details needed to file your return.

“You want to make sure you have all the tax documents, even the things you’re not sure about, put it all in one folder. Put it all together,” he said.

He says the IRS continues to face a massive backlog, and this year it’s extremely important to make sure all your information is entered correctly or you risk long delays.

“A lot of times some people forget that if you work one day a year, you’re actually going to get a tax document and you need it. Not having that tax document could delay getting your refund at a time like this. when we actually need those extra funds in our pocket,” he said.

Williams says the most important thing people can do to have a less painful tax season is to get organized.

“I encourage everyone to go to, create this tax account so they can see that you know this advanced child tax credit that was received. Any stimulus payments as well as see if there’s something related to any other tax returns that may be under review with the IRS,” Williams said.

The deadline for most people to file their tax returns is April 18.

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