Today’s news headlines: Irish prices are now among the highest in the EU as taxes fuel another spike; and investigation opened into an alleged sexual assault at the barracks

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Cost of living: how we pay more than most EU countries for cars, concerts and even fast food

The cost of living in Ireland is higher than in most European countries, as rising inflation and rising taxes hit consumers twice. A price survey by the Irish Independent shows households here are paying more for everything from new cars and iPhones to concert tickets and takeaway food.

Energy and fuel are priorities for the government in plans to reduce the cost of living

Increasing the energy tax credit and extending the fuel allowance season appear to be the measures most likely to be taken by the government to mitigate the rising cost of living. Ministers are also in favor of a change in tax rules to allow employers to grant employees a tax-free bonus of €1,000.

Alleged sexual assault of female soldier by officer investigated

The alleged sexual assault of a female soldier by an army officer is being investigated by the Defense Forces. The alleged sexual and physical assault happened at a Dublin barracks on the same day an outdoor party with alcohol took place during the Covid-19 pandemic

Revolut and N26 customers lack financial ombudsman protection

Customers of fast-growing digital banks Revolut and N26 are not protected by the financial ombudsman as neither company is licensed in Ireland. This means that customers will not be able to use the financial mediation service if they have a dispute with the companies.

Four in five applications by adults for the first Irish passport are made from outside the state

Approximately 80% of adult passport applications processed for the first time by the Irish Passport Service are for UK residents and other international residents. People applying for their first passport are experiencing wait times of at least 40 working days, with reporting delays ranging from three to six months.

Mack Hansen’s story: ‘My parents moved to Australia 50 years ago but they always told Mack he would play for Ireland’

Mack Hansen’s parents knew their son was going to make his debut for the Ireland rugby team before he knew it. It was news Diana and Craig had to keep from their son until he found out from Ireland head coach Andy Farrell.

The regulator will not say how many players are betting €900 per month with the online lottery

The lottery regulator says it is not authorized to disclose the number of online gamblers betting up to €900 per month on the National Lottery app.

‘Demand has increased, but we are in danger’: Irish sex workers speak out

Ireland’s anti-sex work legislation, which has been in place for five years now, is deeply controversial. Last month, a major new report from Amnesty International said that despite hopes that Ireland’s new law would protect sex workers, it has actually facilitated “the targeting and abuse of sex workers, and the state fails to protect them from violence”.

Munira Mirza quit his post due to Boris Johnson’s reluctance to take advice

In a succinct and savage 254-word farewell plan, the Prime Minister’s political chief widely known as ‘the mastermind of Boris’ explained his reasons for leaving.

Many were discouraged by the rapid end to most Covid rules

A sharp drop in people’s wellbeing was reported following the rapid lifting of most Covid restrictions two weeks ago, but the nation is also enthusiastically embracing new freedoms, a survey has found.

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