Treez Rolls Out Its Cannabis Cloud Commerce Platform Integration With Tymber’s Industry-Leading E-Commerce Platform

Treez’s new integration with Tymber provides dispensaries with increased sales opportunities, improved operational efficiency, simplified online ordering, and fosters a seamless omnichannel experience.

OAKLAND, CA., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Treez ( leading provider of an enterprise cloud-based commerce platform for retail and supply chain operations in the cannabis market, today announced an integration with the e-commerce platform from Tymber that enables cannabis retailers to enhance the omnichannel experience with cashless payments, dynamic (ice cream truck) delivery, SEO-optimized menus, and native mobile apps.

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Treez Announces Integration of its Cannabis Cloud Commerce Platform with Tymber’s E-Commerce Platform

Treez’s partnership with Tymber delivers enhanced inventory and customer management solutions that will help cannabis retailers increase sales opportunities, improve operational efficiency, streamline online ordering for in-store pickup and delivery home, build customer loyalty and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

This latest integration, facilitated by Treez’ open API platform, provides seamless synchronization of product information, inventory updates, customer profile management and ticket fulfillment through the POS system. (POS) SellTreez. This eliminates the need for dispensaries to manage customers, orders, taxes, fees, or discounts on two separate platforms, while syncing live inventory with a dispensary’s e-commerce store prevents the sale of out-of-stock products online. Now, cannabis consumers can choose from a variety of convenient pickup and delivery options through the Tymber platform, including dynamic ice cream truck delivery. Dispensaries can also create customizable digital storefronts that improve traffic and conversion on their websites, in addition to native mobile apps, without incurring additional developer and maintenance costs.

“Through our partnership with Tymber, Treez now offers a single cloud-based commerce platform that unifies point of sale, inventory, multiple cashless payment options, reporting and analytics, and e-commerce into one powerful omnichannel solution for dispensaries that will help them grow their business,” said Joey Sterling, Vice President of Product, Treez. “This integration also illustrates how solutions working together in an ecosystem, rather than through a closed, proprietary platform, can help retailers deliver extraordinary omnichannel experiences that improve how they acquire, engage and retain customers.”

“Our founding team has been developing solutions for cannabis retail for 10 years now. Operators today face tougher competition and tighter margins. The ability to stand out and get ahead has never been more urgent,” said Scott RoehrickCEO and co-founder of Tymber.

“We are extremely proud of our integration with Treez as it dramatically increases operational efficiency – while enabling retail operators to create, test and optimize marketing channels through their own website and mobile apps. Never before has ownership over your customers and data been so important.Treez and Tymber are aligned with this retailer-centric approach.If retailers succeed, the industry succeeds.

About Treez

Treez is the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform that streamlines retail and supply chain operations in the cannabis market. With Treez’s innovative technology for retailers and brands, the company provides the robust range and depth of software solutions needed to run a modern dispensary successfully.

Solutions include point of sale, dispensary inventory management, omnichannel selling capabilities, and multiple cashless payment options, all on one essential platform that ensures regulatory compliance in every transaction across the supply chain. supply. The innovative platform also connects essential brands to their retailers through a centralized brand catalog with real-time market insights. The extensible open API platform provides seamless integration into a variety of industry-leading solutions including CRM, marketplace, cashless payments and data analytics across the partner ecosystem, giving retailers everything they need to grow their business.

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About Tymber

Tymber, the industry’s most trusted digital growth platform, empowers dispensaries to attract, convert and retain their own customers with their own website and mobile apps. Their mission is to enable retailers to break their reliance on in-app menus and third-party marketplaces with a recognizable brand, seamless shopping experience, and ownership of their customers, marketing channels, and e-commerce data. .

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