US Department of Education warns GOP budget puts $ 1.5 billion in federal education dollars at risk | Local government



And now the US Department of Education, in a letter to the State Department of Education and Governor Tony Evers on Friday, said the $ 350 million allocated to the state budget stabilization fund , or “rainy day” funds, are unlikely to count. towards the minimum threshold unless they are devoted to K-12 education.

“Specifically, Wisconsin may not view funds that lawmakers transfer to the Budget Stabilization Fund as state support for K-12 education until those funds are allocated.” by the legislature for the sole purpose of supporting K-12 education and made available. school districts for use in the applicable fiscal year, ”wrote Ian Rosenblum, Under-Secretary for Policy and Programs in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“Therefore, the $ 350 million that the state could transfer to the Fiscal Stabilization Fund cannot be considered as state support for education at the time of transfer, unless it is actually allocated. Kindergarten to Grade 12 education for the applicable fiscal year and not “for any other purpose”.

In addition, Rosenblum said the state is subject to minimum state support thresholds in order to qualify for funding from other federal education programs, including Title I, Part A of the Act. 1965 on primary and secondary education which provides financial assistance to educational agencies and schools. with high percentages of children from low-income families.


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