USDA Now Accepting FFWR Applications

A few months ago, the USDA announced nearly $ 700 million in competitive grants for the new Farm and Food Workers Relief (FFWR) program. Last week, the USDA announced that it had started accepting applications for the FFWR program that would give coronavirus stimulus checks of up to $ 600 to workers who qualify for that money.

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Coronavirus stimulation checks on workers

The FFWR program aims to help farm and slaughterhouse workers by compensating them for health and safety costs related to the pandemic, such as the cost of personal protective equipment, testing fees, etc. This program is funded by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 and is part of the USDA Build Back Better efforts.

The USDA announced the FFRW program on September 7, and on November 11, the agency announced that it had started accepting applications. Applicants have 90 days to apply to the program.

The program specifically sets aside $ 665 million to fund competitive grant applications that offer coronavirus stimulus checks to workers. In addition, of the $ 665 million, the program has set aside $ 20 million for a pilot program to support grocers.

The FFWR program does not directly distribute the money to eligible workers. Instead, it will provide funds to tribal entities, nonprofits and state agencies that work to improve agricultural workers and meat processing.

How the FFWR program works

To be eligible for a grant, organizations must demonstrate their ability to reimburse agricultural and meat-packing workers up to $ 600 in expenses incurred due to the coronavirus.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate their ability to reach hard-to-reach worker populations, either directly or in collaboration with local organizations. In addition, these entities should detail how they will partner with local organizations to make financial support available to the target population.

“These applicants must justify the amounts of funding requested in the project description, indicating the dollar amount requested, estimating the number of workers they expect to pay aid and demonstrating their ability to effectively manage the funds” , indicates the USDA.

These entities have until February 8, 2022 to apply for the program. They must apply on for grants ranging from $ 5 million to $ 50 million. Workers will have to apply next year to grant recipients to receive the funds.

To ensure applicants have all the information they need to apply to the program, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will host a webinar on November 17th. Details of webinar registration will be shared at grants / ffwr and through a notice to stakeholders.

AMS also helps applicants understand the application process. To get more information about the FFWR program, including requirements, eligibility, and more, you should visit the FFWR webpage or send an email to

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